Spending a Summer Night at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay kicked off their 2021 summer season in a big way with the new Summer Nights. Bringing new shows, food booths, and dance parties back as well as being one of the first theme parks in Central Florida to bring back nightly fireworks.

The summer nights really kick off in the early afternoon with the return of Turn It Up!, a high energy ice skating show in the beautiful Morroccan Palace Theater. This show goes non stop from start to finish with great skating stunts and fun music to keep the crowd going, plus you can’t go wrong with an indoor show during the summer in Tampa Bay.

The second show is all-new for Summer Nights 2021 and most definitely a show you walk out of talking about for the rest of the day, Cirque Electric. The term “dynamic performance” is an understatement to say the least about this show, with a great dance team to kick off the show and entertain between awe-inspiring acts, I can’t come up with enough words to describe how great this show was. Taking place in the Stanleyville Theatre, which adds to the intimacy of the show, these performers go all out to make sure you are entertained.


Now as the sun goes down on the park not only do you have the chance to enjoy some of the best coasters in the world, but enjoy a chance to do the Cupid Shuffle at one of the fun dance parties as we wait for the highlight of the night.

Taking place every night through August 8th SPARK! A Nighttime Spectacular is the perfect way to cap off your night. Taking place in the festival field this isn’t just a normal fireworks show, with a fun DJ keeping the crowd going and some good food and drink available. This reminds me of going to see a huge production at my local fairgrounds with family and friends on the 4th of July.

For this new show fountains were added to really bring the area alive, not that the great music playing during the show doesn't do that enough.

The show is a great mix of pyro, fountains, and just fun and the perfect way to cap off a visit to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s Summer Nights!