Kevin Feige Shares Behind-The-Scenes Insight from Marvel’s “Black Widow” During Watch Party

Tonight, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige shared some fun behind-the-scenes details from Marvel’s Black Widow by taking over the studio’s Twitter account for a live watch party.

  • With Black Widow available on Disney+ with Premier Access, Marvel fans were able to watch the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a little extra commentary from Feige.
  • Feige shared some fun details regarding the making of the film, including some praise for a lesser-known cast member.

  • Feige also shared some interesting insight into their filming locations, which for the most part, were not where you would think they were.

  • There was however, one shooting location that was exactly where the movie said they were. And even that one created some interesting problems.

  • Feige also gave some credit to Florence Pugh and director Cate Shortland for a subtle detail in the film that they decided to add into the scene where Natasha watches a widow take herself out.

  • Another issue popped up while the team was shooting the Red Guardian’s jailbreak scene.

  • Feige also shared a hilarious detail regarding one of the funniest sequences in the movie.

  • From hilarious to heartfelt, Feige shared another detail about the dinner scene.

  • Another actor was given credit for one of their own choices.

  • Feige pointed out some subtle details that would mostly go unnoticed otherwise.

  • Feige shared a fun detail regarding one of the widows and even teased a future appearance.

  • He also gave credit to Olga Kurylenko who managed to keep her role in this film a secret for over two years.

  • Of course, Feige also answered some fan questions that led to some interesting results. For example, he was asked about Yelena’s fate after Avengers: Infinity War

  • He was also asked if we might see the Red Guardian finally face off with Captain America in the future.

  • Feige went on to stress his desire to see more of the Red Guardian in the future.

  • He also took some time to praise Johansson and look back at his time working with the amazing actress.

  • He then credited Johansson with bringing Shortland to their attention, helping them to find the perfect director for this film.

  • Feige also revealed that one of the most incredible actions sequences the MCU has to offer was filmed by actual skydivers.

  • Finally, Feige shared his thought on Natasha’s legacy and Yelena’s future.

You can watch Marvel’s Black Widow on Disney+ with Premier Access now.

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