“Squirrel!” Five New “Dug Days” Inspired Funko Pop! Figures Have Landed at Entertainment Earth

Pixar’s Dug Days is coming soon to Disney+ and while we can’t wait to see what adventures await for Dug and his pals, we can start our Funko collections!

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Dug Days Funko Pop! – Entertainment Earth

Five new Funko Pop! figures featuring Dug, Mr. Fredricksen, and Russel have just landed on Entertainment Earth! These adorable collectibles are inspired by the upcoming Disney+ and Pixar shorts series, Dug Days and showcase our canine hero getting into all sorts of mischief; including an encounter with a Squirrel! These will arrive in September, but you can pre-order all of your favorites now.    


Oooh, Mr. Fredricksen is dressed up as a flower! There’s got to be a great story behind this outfit.

Dug Days Carl Pop! Vinyl Figure – $10.99

Dug and Squirrel

It appears that Dug has finally caught up with one of the attention grabbing tree climbers.

Dug Days Dug with Squirrel Pop! Vinyl Figure – $10.99

Dug with Medal

If this figure is any indication, we’re going to guess that Dug does something heroic in one of the shorts. How cute is his little medal?

Dug Days Hero Dug Pop! Vinyl Figure – $10.99


By now, Russel is quite an accomplished Wilderness Explorer, but he’s always up for more adventure. He carries a pair of binoculars and some sort of communication device!

Dug Days Russel Pop! Vinyl Figure – $10.99

Dug With Toys

Some days it’s nice to stay in and play. Dug has found a trio of toys (squeaky kind perhaps?) that he’s holding in his mouth, but it seems that a fellow pup wants him to share.

Dug Days Dug with Toys Pop! Vinyl Figure – $10.99

About Dug Days:

  • Dug, the talking dog from Up, gets his day in the spotlight through this new shorts series that features Dug living his life with Carl Fredrickson. The series is expected to debut in Fall 2021 exclusively on Disney+!
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