I’m starting to realize that Zoey and I are the same person. We both are so desperate to be liked by everyone, that it sometimes can ruin others feelings towards us. Zoey, myself, and Marnie from HBO’s Girls are all in the same personality camp and I’m not fully sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

Okay, let me back up a bit. The crew is back from a semester at home (ya know, the PanDemi Lovato really screwed things up for college students) and they are ready to celebrate their Senior year on campus. However, in the case of Zoey, an internship is required for graduating. Unfortunately, that PanDemi Moore has put a halt on many new internship opportunities, royally screwing over many trying to get their diploma.

Yet, Rochelle is manning the department, which could be good or bad. In my eyes, it’s bad y’all. Imagine your boyfriend’s ex, whom you threw under the bus to get him back, is the difference between you and a degree? I’m gonna go with “not a great situation.” Surprisingly, when Zoey heads to the desk to ask about opportunities, Rochelle is all smiles. She offers to keep an eye out for Zoey, confusing anyone and everyone. This kind tone? Eerie, y’all.

Zoey commiserates with everyone back at home and in typical Nomi and Ana fashion, they have different opinions on how to deliver the news to Rochelle that Zoey is back with Aaron. Knowing Zoey and the aforementioned need to be loved, she ends up returning and spilling the beans on their relationship. Rochelle’s immediate “Y’all dummies think I don’t know” was superb, chef’s kiss, immaculate, and life affirming. Rochelle does not play that and truly takes Zoey down a peg. She was hurt, thrown to the side, and the wound is still open. So she should just ignore all that and move on? Nope. She’s going to be cordial when she needs to, but there is no reason Zoey needs to strive for friendship. It’s not always possible.

It was a wonderful showcase that you’re going to hurt people in life, no matter if that’s your intention. You need to be able to see both sides at all times and, in the words of Kenny Rogers, know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em.

Meanwhile, Jazz is figuring out her place within the athletics department. She returns to practice and is given the kudos for her consistency, with hints that a 2024 Olympic run will be possible. Yet, her head is no longer in it. She is realizing that the track & field dream has left the station and she is ready to move on. After discussing with her sister, she makes her way to say that her mental health is affecting her performance, in hopes to retain the scholarship but stop the training. We’ll see how that goes, ‘cause she called herself “crazy” with the therapist and that’s a loaded word…

Study Hall Notes:

  • The Week’s C-Plot Line Sentence Summary – Vivek got off basically scot-free from his drug dealing charges, sans some community service, but by the end of the episode, he is expelled from Cal U.
  • Ana and Javi went to virtual couple’s therapy with “Pastor Baby Boy” during lockdown and I’m now realizing that sounds like my own personal hell.
  • Sky (Halle Bailey) acting via Zoom from her Little Mermaid hotel room pleases me in such a profound way.