Disney Short Circuit Review: The “Circle of Life” Theme is Displayed with Realism in “Going Home”

Going Home is a short film for anyone who has moved away from their loved ones. Part of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ second series of Short Circuit experimental films, this short strikes a much more somber tone than the studio is known for. At the same time, there’s a “Circle of Life” theme to be found within that still feels very Disney.



Told through a series of quick cuts, a man who has moved far from home visits his hometown in Germany. The environment is constantly changing, with seasons, storefronts, and people looking different with each visit. It’s not just the city that changes, but his parents and the family pet, all susceptible to the ravages of time.

Directed by animator Jacob Frey, who grew up in Germany, the short is a very personal project, looking into the future of his own life. Yes, there is sadness, but he also crafts a narrative without any dialogue that should also uplift viewers by the end. Aimed at adults, this short might be a little underwhelming for children, while adults will find it to be something special.

If you’ve ever gone away to school or moved away from your hometown to pursue your dreams, Going Home will resonate deeply. It’s a bittersweet story, one that’s universal to the human experience.

Going Home premieres Wednesday, August 4th, on Disney+ as part of Short Circuit season 2.

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