Cute and Cozy! Disney-Themed Fuzzy Sweatshirts Spotted at Downtown Disney

Is that a chill in the air? As the cool nights start to settle in, guests at the Disney Parks (and at home) will want some cozy fashions to keep them warm once the sun sets. During our recent visit to Downtown Disney we came across some fuzzy pullovers that are sure to be the next Disney fashion statement.

Fuzzy Sweatshirts – Downtown Disney

Disney fans looking for a trendy top that will keep them warm and show off their love for the parks and characters will love these doubly fuzzy sweatshirts (the soft texture is on the interior and exterior) that have arrived at Downtown Disney. Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Pluto are among the icons featured on the playful new tops as well as logos for Star Wars and Disneyland.

Minnie’s smiling face is dancing its way around this white sweatshirt with a variety of cute expressions. Forever the fashionista, we don’t think she’d allow herself to be seen on anything that wasn’t adorable!  

Donald Duck grins on a green top accented with purple trim. We love that he’s here with both a happy look ans well as his all too common exasperated expression.

Is Pluto ever in a bad mood? He certainly isn’t here, happily sticking out his tongue against the soft blue sweatshirt, The color and cuffs are bright yellow, just like this doggy’s fur.

Disney designers really knew what they were doing with this top that seems to touch on so many elements of the Star Wars universe. First, there’s a classic black background (with red collar and cuff accents) sprinkled with the franchise's logo, but what’s really cool is the color schemes used. We have bold, neon hues alongside bright yellows, reads, and purples that are  reminiscent of Sith, Jedi, and even characters like Mace Windu and The Mandalorian!

And we’ve saved the best for last, Disneyland! Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green versions of the traditional “Disneyland” sign are placed all over a white sweatshirt for a simplistic but fun look that will carry the magic long after your Disneyland visit is over.

Shop these new looks and more at the World of Disney store at the Disneyland Resort.

All Photos by Mike Celestino

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