90s Rewind: Disney Animated Classics Anniversary VHS Plush and Pin Sets Are Must-Haves for Any Collector

Just when you think that Disney couldn’t come up with cuter merchandise that they’ve already released, they find a way to surprise fans with more. Take for instance these nostalgic VHS Plush and VHS Pin anniversary sets that call back to some of our favorite home video releases from the 1990s. Available now on shopDisney, fans can celebrate classic films and while starting a fabulous new collection.

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VHS Plush and VHS Pin Anniversary Sets – shopDisney

Every 90s kid who grew up with a TV will no doubt remember the excitement of getting a new Disney video. Each VHS release of a feature film came cradled in a puffy white box with those extra rounded edges and beautiful movie artwork. There was also that unique, plasticy smell that you began to associate with magic. I love those days!

Disney might not be releasing movies on VHS anymore but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to say goodbye to the medium. In honor of several Disney Animated Classics, the company has debuted a new collection of plush and pins that feature VHS packaging!

Among the selections are Monsters Inc.,The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Beauty and the Beast, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, and Dumbo and each film is celebrating a milestone anniversary in 2021. In addition to the awesome packaging, each VHS pin is hinged and opens to show the video cassette with tape rewound to the left side! The opening of the pin also features an image or icon from the film.

Monsters Inc. – 20th Anniversary

From “We scare because we care” to “We’re after your laughter,” Monsters Inc. was one wild ride that tested and strengthened the relationship between Sulley and Mike. Commemorate the film with these sets featuring Sulley and VHS box.  

Sulley VHS Plush – Monsters, Inc. – Small 7'' – Limited Release – $22.99

Monster, Inc. VHS Pin Set – Limited Release – $29.99

The Hunchback of Notre Dame – 25th Anniversary

Victor Hugo’s classic novel about a disfigured bell ringer, got the Disney treatment in 1996 and is one of the most beautiful animated films they’ve ever made. Rightfully, Quasimodo has been selected to represent the movie for this fantastic collection.

Quasimodo VHS Plush – The Hunchback of Notre Dame – Small 7'' – Limited Release – $22.99

The Hunchback of Notre Dame VHS Pin Set – Limited Release – $29.99

Beauty and the Beast – 30th Anniversary

The “tale as old as time” tells of a beastly prince who learns to love thanks to the kindness and compassion extended to him by a brave woman. And to capture that essence, this collection shows Beast getting in touch with his gentler side by allowing a bird to sit on his head!

Beast VHS Plush – Beauty and the Beast – Small 8'' – Limited Release – $22.99

Beauty and the Beast VHS Pin Set – Limited Release – $29.99

101 Dalmatians – 60th Anniversary

We’re seeing spots, but in a good way! 101 Dalmatians is a slightly scary, but mostly fun adventure about rescuing puppies from the hands of the evil Cruella de Vil who wants to make a coat out of their fur. The playful Patch represents this collection and we can’t get over how cute he is!

Patch VHS Plush – 101 Dalmatians – Small 6 3/4'' – Limited Release – $22.99

101 Dalmatians VHS Pin Set – Limited Release – $29.99

Dumbo – 80th Anniversary

Finally we come to Dumbo. This movie tells the story of a circus elephant born with abnormally large ears that cause him lots of trouble at first, but eventually allow him to fly! Dumbo is wearing his yellow hat and ruffle collar and—even though he doesn’t need it—he’s carrying his magic feather.

Dumbo VHS Plush – Small 6 3/4'' – Limited Release – $22.99

Dumbo VHS Pin Set – Limited Release – $29.99