“Magic Hours” is the title of the 19th episode of season two of Gabby Duran and the Unsittables. Gabby and Wes believe that their friendship is magic, but that theory is put to the test during a big school project. Here’s a recap of everything that happens in this episode of the Disney Channel sitcom.



Gabby and Wes are having a hard time paying attention in Mr. Boyle’s history class and talk about it as the teacher tells the class about a group project on the Industrial Revolution that is worth 60% of their grade. He uses a raffle drum to pair students up and against the oddes, Gabby and Wes are paired together, interrupting the class with a victory dance about the magic of their friendship. The two brag about it at their lockers where Susie, Gabby’s nemesis who is also Mr. Boyle’s teacher assistant, explains that they each need a B or higher on the project in order to pass the class and avoid summe school.

29 days later, Gaby and Wes get to her room and talk about the fun they’ve had every day that month on alien assignments. Gabby says that she feels like they’re forgetting something and she realizes they haven’t started their Industrial Revolution project, which is due tomorrow at 8:00 am. Wes pulls out his ancient laptop, which he named “Big Bertha” and has completed every school assignment on since 2nd grade. Two hours later, they’re done with their project and Gabby’s room smells from all the goji berry snacks they ate while working on it. She opens the window to air out her room and Wes places his laptop on the windowsill to let it cool. As they celebrate completing their project with a victory dance, Gabby accidentally bumps Big Bertha out of the window, which crashes on the front lawn just as the sprinklers turn on and fry it.

Wes tries to use a hair dryer to bring Big Bertha back to life, but it’s now midnight and they have just 8 hours left before the project is due. He tells Gabby he has a guy that can fix it and they go to Luchacos to meet Gilbert Finkelstonski, who has fixed Big Bertha before. But after one look, he tells Wes that he can’t fix her this time. On their way out, Wes and Gabby bump into Susie, who suspects correctly that they have screwed up their project and are now scrambling. The reason she’s out so late is that her pret ferret Pesto has been missing for a week and she’s placing posters around town in hopes of finding him.

Gabby and Wes next visit Blort at his alien pawn shop and he tells Wes he can fix the laptop, but won’t for personal reasons. Wes says “I’ll always love you B.B.” as he prepares to say goodbye to his laptop, but it triggers a memory for Blort, who had his own “B.B.” (a “Breakfast Bot”) that got damaged and he couldn’t fix it. Wes tells him this is his opportunity to make things right and Blort opens up Big Bertha and removes her harddrive. Just then, a trio of aliens crash through the ceiling and abduct Blort, who owes them a lot of money. He had the harddrive in his hand when they took him.

Wes and Gabby found jetpacks in Blort’s closet and take them to a field with a just an hour left before their project is due. The plan is to blast off into space and rescue Blort and their harddrive, but both jetpacks malfunction. “Maybe it’s time to admit we’re not magic, we’re tragic,” Wes concedes. They rush to school and get to Mr. Boyle’s class to apologize to the teacher, but he cuts them off before they get too far. He tells them he received their project by email 10 minutes ago and that’s the only version he will be grading them on. They walk out of his class confused when Blort reveals himself, disguised in a trenchcoat, hat and glasses. They inspired him and he broke free from the aliens, raced back to his shop, fixed Big Bertha and emailed their project to Mr. Boyle. He gives Wes his laptop back and walks backwards out of school. Gabby tells Wes it’s because of their magic and they fist bump in triumph.

While all of this was going on, Olivia recruited Principal Swift to help her get to the bottom of what has been destroying her zucchini garden in the backyard. Swift was personally interested in it because he loves the zoodles Olivia makes with them, but their plans go awry when they try to catch the animal, a ferret (presumably Pesto, Susie’s lost pet), and end up temporarily paralyzing Swift from the waist down and temporarily blinding Olivia. When they chase the ferret into the house and wake up Dina, Swift transforms into a bowl of zoodles and Olivia’s mom eats them! The next morning, Swift turns back into himself in the toilet after Dina uses the bathroom. He has lost his taste for zoodles forever and Olivia is no longer interested in mainting a zucchini garden.

Gabby Duran and the Unsittables returns on Friday, November 26th, with “The Fault in our Star Night.”

fAfter disobeying a group of scary aliens, Gabby is blasted into the past and must devise a plan to restore balance in the universe.