A Behind the Curtain Look at Steinmetz Hall

This Friday is a banner day for Orlando as the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts dedicates Steinmetz Hall. Ahead of that date, we got a “Behind the Curtain” look at this modern mechanical marvel. In 2014, when Phase One opened, a model and promise of things to come were all that existed. But, today, I had the opportunity to not only visit the next big step for this world class center but to also get a rare chance to see the “chair flip.” Steinmetz Hall has been 19 years in planning and, after a few speed bumps along the way, this $240 million expansion is just days away from completion.

This multi-form venue is one of the very few theaters in the world that can transform in shape, seating, and sound to accommodate a variety of art forms and events. It also is one of the world's most acoustically perfect spaces designed and has officially achieved an N1 sound rating—the lowest level at which humans can detect sound.

As someone who has seen attractions from theme parks around the world and observed how they work, I have to say that watching the “chair flip” and learning about how this amazing space will transform was awe inspiring. Indeed. getting the tour from Kathy Ramsberger, President and CEO of the Dr. Phillips Center to me was like getting a tour of Disneyland from Walt himself.

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