Height Requirements For Each Attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

If you're traveling with little ones, a common question is how tall do you have to be for certain rides. Some rides don't have a restriction but many do. Here is a breakdown of height requirements at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Any Height:

38 Inches or Taller:

40 Inches or Taller:

44 Inches or Taller:

Facts About Disney's Animal Kingdom:

  • Disney's Animal Kingdom opened on April 22nd, 1998.
  • It covers more than 500 acres.
  • There are approximately 250 species that are represented by over 1,000 animals.
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom is home to the largest group of Nile hippos and African elephants in North America.
  • The animal program team performs more than 600 wellness checks per year. This is to keep all the animals healthy and at their best.
  • When you see the Discovery River did you know there is 27 million gallons of water in there?
  • The Tree of Life has 325 animal carvings in it. It took 18 months to complete, and the images took between 6 and 10 hours to complete before the plaster hardened.
  • When you're driving into Disney's Animal Kingdom you see the large parking lots. It can accommodate 6,000 vehicles.