A Look Inside the Newly Reopened Toad Hall at Disneyland Paris

In honor of Disneyland Paris’ 30th Anniversary, the resort has brought back the fan-favorite Fantasyland quick service restaurant – Toad Hall. Operating sporadically since its inception, the location has recently reopened with a new menu, including classic British dishes and some new additions. The exterior is an almost exact replica of the Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride attraction entrance over at Disneyland resort, but the interior restaurant is a charming nod to The Wind In The Willows – featuring recognisable English decor and a lot of fun details.

In the first hallway, a portrait of Mr. Toad welcomes guests – with the right side dining room featuring the iconic changing portrait, showing Mr. Toad versions of some well known historical portraits above a grand fireplace.

Fans will be pleased to know the new menu does still include the delicious fish and chips – available as a regular size with chips or salad (€12), or small size with chips or cherry tomatoes (€6). As the resort is working hard to include more vegetarian and vegan offerings, guests can also enjoy the new vegan fish and chips – made using soy protein and also available with chips or salad (€12). All dishes include either ketchup or tartare sauce, and all are served in themed newspaper. The fish is just as delicious as it always has been, and the chips really do taste of an authentic British chip shop – especially when paired with the available salt and vinegar. While the small fish and chips portion would be somewhere between an adult and child’s portion – it’s definitely a great feed for a quick lunch and for a very reasonable price, not to mention the quality of the food being considerably impressive for a quick service location. The regular sized fish is huge – if anything, it’s bigger than what a regular portion at a traditional chipper in England would be, and is great value for money for a fast and tasty dinner.

In a similar fashion to the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Mr. Toad dome cake available over in Magic Kingdom, Disneyland Paris guests can enjoy the new Roulé de Mr. Toad – a delicious roll of genois sponge cake, filled with Kiri cream cheese and topped with a white chocolate Mr. Toad head (€4). This small dessert is surprisingly delicious, and a lot sweeter and moist than expected.


The restaurant also serves the usual selection of ice creams, hot drinks, children’s snacks and soft drinks, with a few alcoholic beverages on the menu: including 25cl and 50cl cups of 1664 beer, 33cl bottle of Finnbarra Irish craft cider and 18.7cl Pays d’Oc IGP – Gio blanc white wine. The restaurant also sells two souvenir 30th anniversary items – the goblet (€13 alone or €14 with a cold drink) and the travel mug (€14 alone or €15 with a hot drink).

With two main dining rooms, an observatory and a huge outdoor patio – Toad Hall has no shortage of seating, and no seat is a bad seat. Whether you’re inside admiring some of the hidden details, the English road signs or ceramics, in the round observatory staring out at Fantasyland or enjoying a cold beer out on the patio watching Dumbo The Flying Elephant – this is a great location for the whole family, and the reopening really reminds us of why this is such a fan favorite restaurant.

Edith Gervin
Edith is a lifelong Disney Parks fan, Star Wars enthusiast, Content Creator and writer that focuses on Disneyland Paris. When not at home in Ireland, she can usually be found in line for Phantom Manor. Her other hobbies include pin collecting, talking about animatronics and daydreaming about Rise Of The Resistance