Topps DigiCon 2022 – Kermit the Frog Discusses Topps Digital Collectibles Celebrating “The Muppets” 10th Anniversary

Topps DigiCon 2022 started it’s final day today with the one and only Kermit the Frog, who discussed the Topps digital collectibles celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Muppets.

With The Muppets premiering in 2011, Topps celebrated the 10th anniversary of the film last year with a line of digital collectibles featuring all of your favorite Muppets. Of course, Kermit was at the center of that collection, so he stopped by Topps DigiCon to talk about these collectibles as well as some other fun topics.

First, Kermit was asked about the honor of having his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“It’s a great honor. And if you want to visit, I am down there every third Tuesday because I have to polish it,” Kermit said. “It is not easy staying clean when people are walking all over you.”

Kermit was also asked about his work, which is being passed down through generations and is now available to watch at any time.

“Well, it’s wonderful. I used to have to wait to watch things but now, it’s always there, right?” Kermit said. “And I really appreciate streaming. Although, we frogs prefer the term swamping. Yeah. It’s a chance for new generations to discover what the Muppets have done and what we’re doing now. And Fozzie and Gonzo and Animal and the whole gang, we all could not be happier. And of course, for Miss Piggy, being everywhere all the time is a dream come true for her.”

Kermit and the Topps digital team then announced that they will be exhibiting at the upcoming D23 Expo in Anaheim this September. Kermit even promised to put in a good word with Mickey on behalf of the team.

Kermit was then asked about how he feels about being featured as a digital collectible in the Topps Disney Collect! app.

“To be a digital collectible and the first talking frog to achieve that, it is a great honor.”

They then took a look at some of those digital collectibles featuring not only Kermit but many of the other beloved Muppets.

“In this picture, Miss Piggy spent three hours shooting selfies and trying to get this shot just right but no matter how much she moved the camera around, the rest of us were still in the picture,” Kermit said of the final collectible. “Still there.”

You can find this collection and so much more now in the Topps Disney Collect! app.

Mike Mack
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