Celebrating Disney Moms for Mother’s Day

Today is Mother's Day, so we want to celebrate some of the most loved moms in Disney history. This is in no particular order.

Gramma Tala (Moana)

Gramma Tala openly declares herself as the village crazy lady, and she embraces it fully. She has so much cultural knowledge and encourages Moana to listen to the voice inside her and take chances. She won't even allow death to stop her from guiding Moana. She comes back as a manta ray and appears in her moments where she needs her the most.

Helen Parr/Elastigirl (The Incredibles)

Helen Parr is the definition of a hard-working wife and mother who not only loves her family more than anything but is a superhero (Elastigirl) at the same time. She leaves an example for her kids when she says, "Leave the saving of the world to the men? I don’t think so!" She’s powerful, intelligent and protects her family at all costs.

Lady Elinor (Brave)

Although Lady Elinor and Merida don't always agree, Lady Elinor wants Merida to accept the responsibility of being a Princess and eventually Queen. Merida wants to write her own story and follow her own dreams rather than do what she is expected to do. Although they are different, as the movie goes on, you will watch the bond grow between the two. Lady Elinor may not be the perfect mom, but that makes it even more relatable to those watching. She loves her family and they shared a great example of the complexities and joys of the mother-daughter relationship.

Nani (Lilo & Stitch)

Although Nani is Lilo’s sister, and not her mother, she plays a mother-like role in Lilo’s life. She sacrifices everything to give Lilo a safe home and a good life. She searches for a job to make sure she can provide her with all that she will need and loves her unconditionally. Ohana (family) is the center of the story. It shows that on Mother's Day, those who play a mother-like role in someone's life are just as important and should be celebrated.

Perdita (101 Dalmatians)

Perdita is worthy of being on this list since she is the mother of 15 Dalmatians. She and Pongo go on a massive journey to rescue their babies from the famous villain Cruella de Vil and her goons. Not only do they rescue their 15 puppies, but they discover another 84 in danger and then take them in as their own.

Kanga (The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh)

Kanga may not be a main character, but she is a wonderful mother to her little Roo. She always makes sure that he is well taken care of and also plays a mother-like role to Tigger, who is Roo’s best friend.

Mrs. Potts (Beauty & the Beast)

Mrs. Potts is one of the classiest characters. She is the mother to Chip and also plays a mother figure to the Beast as well as everyone else in the castle. She shows love and grace to everyone and has a huge heart.