TV Review: National Geographic Takes Viewers Deep Underground in “Explorer: The Deepest Cave”

National Geographic continues to take viewers to unexplored regions of the world in Explorer: The Deepest Cave. The second special in the revived documentary series National Geographic Explorer will premiere this Memorial Day on National Geographic. This time, the compass is set to Oaxaca, Mexico to explore the Chevé Cave with Bill Stone.

(National Geographic/Kasia Biernacka)

(National Geographic/Kasia Biernacka)

Chevé Cave currently ranks as the 11th deepest cave on Earth, but renowned caver Bill Stone is confident that it is the deepest. On this expedition, he is joined by a team of experts as they search for new ways down, going where no man has gone before, a fitting mission for the founder of Stone Aerospace. After 35 years of exploring this particular cave system, Stone and his team are about to break new ground.

The hour-long special chronicles the three-month mission to go deeper than ever before into Chevé Cave. Safety is the top priority and the film features some of the training and planning that went into this descent. Likened to climbing Everest in reverse, viewers get to see the crew stopping at planned camps along their route to discover an even deeper area. As with many of these types of documentaries, the thrill isn’t so much in the destination as it is in the journey. By the end of the special, Bill Stone and his team still don’t know exactly how deep Chevé Cave goes, but you leave hoping that Nat Geo will document the next expedition for all of us to witness.

Long before Jules Verne published Journey to the Center of the Earth, mankind has been fascinated by what the depths of the Earth have to offer. Bill Stone and his team are the latest in a long line of explorers seeking to reach the deepest points on the planet. The only way to see what they discovered on this mission is to see Explorer: The Deepest Cave.

Explorer: The Deepest Cave premieres Monday, May 30th at 10/9c and will also be available to stream on Disney+. Fans can go even deeper behind the story with an article in the June issue of National Geographic magazine in an article called “Descending into one of the deepest caves on Earth.”

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