CAMP Brings Mickey and Friends to New York City with a Fun Interactive Experience

CAMP is known for creating unique shopping and interactive experiences featuring some of your favorite characters and now they’ve brought Mickey and Friends to New York City. Disney’s Mickey & Friends x CAMP: An Extra Big Adventure is one of those experiences and it’s perfect for children and families alike.

Guests entering the CAMP store on 5th Ave. in New York City will find all kinds of fun merchandise, including some Disney merch as they wait for their experience to begin. When that time comes up, a counselor lets everyone know that it’s Mickey’s birthday and a party is happening right on the other side of the wall. To get there though, they’ll have to find a way in…

Once inside, guests can see Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Pluto getting ready for a party. But when Goofy tries to take their picture, something goes wrong. It turns out the camera Goofy was using was actually a shrink ray and he not only shrinks all of his friends, but also all of the guests. Now, the guests have to help Mickey find a way to get back to their normal size.

The entire experience is led by a CAMP counselor. Ours was Jordan and she was fantastic. The counselors not only lead guests from room to room, but they also help to play out the story and make the whole experience fun for the children.

Guests go through several rooms, in search of microchips to repair the shrink ray. Along the way, you’ll find giant presents, dozens of interactive elements, a colorful dance party and even a wall of giant hot dogs.

Every room has more fun elements for children to interact with, including a slide, which was the popular choice during my personal experience.

You even get to go inside the shrink ray itself!

And don’t worry, guests also get to see Mickey and all his friends throughout the experience as well.

And of course, guests exit through the gift shop, where they can find even more Disney merchandise and some fun props that tie into the experience.

Disney’s Mickey & Friends x CAMP: An Extra Big Adventure is certainly geared for children but it can also be a fun experience for the whole family. The experience runs through July at the CAMP store at 110 5th Ave. in New York City. Tickets are available here.

Mike Mack
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