“A Fan’s Guide to Ms. Marvel” Now Streaming on Disney+

With Ms. Marvel set to hit Disney+ exactly one week from today, the streamer released A Fan’s Guide to Ms. Marvel to get everyone prepared and excited for the new series.

The new nearly-five-minute special gives fans some background not only on the character of Kamala Khan, but also Iman Vellani, who portrays her in the new series. The special features insight from Vellani, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, Ms. Marvel co-creator Sana Amanat and more.

“She was just so captivating and fun and she had problems that I had,” Vellani says in the special. “She, like, has boy troubles and she had problems in school. Iron Man helped her with her physics homework. It was like, she was a kid and is those, and like, growing up with little to no representation, I needed that.”

The special is broken up into three parts: Iman’s Story, Kamala’s Story and Joining the MCU.

In “Iman’s Story,” we get to see Vellani expressing her excitement again and again while on the set for the new series. Seeing how thrilled she was to be in this role really explains the infectious energy she puts forth in the series itself.

“Iman Vellani. What can I say? That girl is Kamala Khan. 110%,” Amanat says.

During “Kamala’s Story,” Director Meera Menon shares a bit of Kamala’s background and story, for fans who may not be familiar with her from the comics. And while there are some changes to the character for the series from her comic book counterpart, the primary story arc is still there.

“Kamala Khan is a teenage girl growing up in Jersey City who is given the powers to become a part of this world that she's always wanted to be a part of,” Menon says. “Superheroes, the Avengers, the Marvel Universe.”

And finally, during “Joining the MCU,” Feige explains exactly how Ms. Marvel will go from her own series into the bigger picture.

“It’s finally happening. We’re finally bringing Ms. Marvel to the screen,” Feige says. “First on a Disney+ series, and then she’ll be joining Carol Danvers in the next Captain Marvel movie.”

This isn’t exactly new news, but it was nice to see Feige go on to express his excitement for finally executing a plan they’ve had in place for a long time.

A Fan’s Guide to Ms. Marvel is a fun little featurette to get fans acquainted with the character and to get those who have already loved her even ore excited for the series.

A Fan’s Guide to Ms. Marvel is streaming now and Ms. Marvel will premiere on Disney+ next Wednesday, June 8.

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