“Holey Moley: Fore-Ever” “Feels The Urge” As Season Continues

This season of Holey Moley continues, and Joe and Rob are reminding us why it truly is the greatest show on Earth Turf!

And the first hole on tonight’s episode? The Trap-Tee-Ze. Anthony is going up against Makaila on this hole, and the two both find themselves performing the circus trapeze fun on this whole, both unsuccessfully. Though, we do also learn that Makaila has a tattoo on her foot that says “Made in Buffalo,” so Rob informs us all of his “I love Joe” tattoo on his foot. While Anthony did make contact with the Riggle Dummy (which Rob seems to be more accepting of during this episode) before splashing down, Makaila didn’t make it past the upswing and landed in the water as well. Over on the green, Anthony sinks his 20 foot putt successfully and moves on to the next round.

For the first time this season, we get to see a returning hole from last season, King Parthur’s Court. Tonight, we see Andrea v. JC, take on King Parthur. Andrea had a nice putt making it on to the green, which Rob didn’t think was going to happen. Fortunately, Joe and the producers have a complete register of every time that Rob has been wrong on the show. JC takes his turn and lands on the wrong side of the sword. He saddles up and gets knocked off the horse, but stops himself (and as such, the horse) by bracing his feet between the horse and the barrier before he hit the water.

Sir Goph has decreed that this is not allowed, but it’s up to Course Marshall Joe and Colin to make the final ruling. Which they do after the commercial, and after some clever name creation for the horses in the hole. Including: “Mane Attraction,” “Usain Colt”, and my personal favorite “Talk Derby To Me.”

After the commercial, the ruling was that JC fell off the horse, so he will be assessed a one stroke penalty. After all that, Andrea locks in her easy putt, taking the win.

Now, it’s on to The Pecker, where Mike is going head to head with Lizz. Mike makes it into the channel for prime placement with ease, and the ball even kicks left, landing him only about a foot or so away from the hole. Lizz however, did not make it into the special channel, but had a fortunate run also landing her ball near the hole. Both contestants spectacularly failed while trying to jump aboard the bucking head of the Pecker, with neither securing the feather. Lizz almost had an amazing comeback putt, but just missed allowing Mike the victory with his was placed putt.

Rob is still trying to get help to save the show, and calls his new friend Kermit. While Kermit suggests asking others, Rob takes this as Kermit will do it for him.  TO BE CONTINUED.

Over at Hole Number 2, Dennis is going against Rick. Rick, a California surfer boy from Scottsdale, Arizona somehow, kept his wobbly putt on track, but when it was his turn to outrun the porta-John users, he stumbles at take off and gets smashed by a door sending himself and his stylish shoes into the dirty water below.

Dennis’ wobbly putt wasn’t nearly as successful, and he too got a slow start, getting stopped by the gorilla as he flung his door open. Dennis, who’s white clothes are no longer white, takes his putt from the drop zone and makes a bid situation worse by hitting one of the guard walls. Rick, however, landed his putt with ease and moves on to the next round.

During this hole, the viewers also got to experience one of those little banner ads in the corner for a new pilot with Steph Curry and Pepe, coming soon.

“Can you feel the urge?” Rick, The California Surfer from Arizona is back, going against Andrea on a hole that is quite similar to his last, Corn Hole. And, Joe and Rob are already over his catchphrase.

Andrea passed the corn with her putt, securing a spot near the hole, but lost her balance when trying to outrun the exploding corn kernels. Rick, similar to his performance on Hole Number Two, stumbled yet again and got absolutely eviscerated by the exploding corn. Rob even thinks he got vaporized! Thanks to a putt that is so bad that all of America saw the end result coming a mile away, Andrea wasn’t even close to winning and Rick advances to the next round.

Over at Polecano, it’s Mike vs. Anthony. Mike lands his putt in the Volcano channel, which is not an easy Putt from that dop location. But as he takes on the turbo charged zip line, he lands on and slides down the pole with ease. Easily one of the most shocking moments as this pole is known for obliterating most everyone who takes it on, when Mike just floats down the pole landing softly like a butterfly. There’s no way that can happen again, right?

Nope. The exact same thing happened with Anthony locked and loaded onto zip line and he too landed softly and gently on the pool. At this point, Joe and Rob thinking something is amiss and demand that someone looks at the turbo-charging of the zip line.

Mike secures the win with one of the best putts in the series, and there is no way that Anthony can follow that.

Kermit is trying to help Rog recruit the Muppets, and as we saw earlier in the season, Animal, Camilla, and the Swedish Chef have all been rounded up for a rehash of that same joke where Kermit is trying to translate his Muppet friends.

It’s the last hole and now we get to see Rick go against Mike on The Fishing Hole. Rick lands a great tee shot, but as we know, Slip Rick has issues with the obstacles, falling prey to everything he’s encountered so far, so let’s see. Unsurprisingly, he loses his footing and falls into the water. Mike has an atrocious putt himself, before getting sent into the pool by the first fish. On the green, he has an incredible second putt that actually came so close to securing the win, but bounced off the lip at the last moment, giving the win to the Slip Rick.

Again, during this hole, we see that new ad showing Pepe alongside Steph Curry, but this time showing that the pilot was canceled before it even aired. Back at the course, the “real” Steph Curry is there to hand out the prizes yet again, giving Rick the Golden Putter, the Plaid Jacket, and the return later in the season for the chance at $250,000.

Holey Moley: Fore-Ever! Airs on Tuesdays on ABC and is available for next day viewing on Hulu.

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Tony Betti
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