“Abbott Elementary” Recruits and Trains New Teachers at San Diego Comic-Con Pop-Up Experience

The real heroes of the world are those that help shape the minds of the next generation of students. While other San Diego Comic-Con attendees were praying at the alter of the roided out genetically superior caped crusaders who don’t exist in the real world, I chose to do something a little more grounded. I went back to school and was trained to be a teacher at Abbott Elementary. Welcome to “New Teacher Disorientation.”

Teachers are in short supply, so after taking a ride on the employer-provided luxury transportation, it was time to get to work.

Welcome to Willard R. Abbott Public School’s new pop-up location in San Diego!

Lockers aren’t just for students, teachers get one too! And if someone left their locker door open, that’s their problem. Feel free to search through all of their belongings.

Full disclosure, the school is old and has some electrical issues. Bringing power back online is easy! You’ve just got to remember which lyrics match the song title to reconnect the power.

In the administration office, you can make your employment official with your own teacher credential.

Principal Ava hasn’t gotten to work yet, but you can wait in her office if you’d like to meet the boss.

She won’t mind if you want to connect to the wifi. All she asks is that you don’t share the password with the parents.

Also, please don’t tell parents about the “Hot Dads” file.

Ava has a stressful job so don’t mind some of the unique items in her office.

When you give up waiting, head to the classroom for your personality quiz to find out who your mentor will be.

I matched with Gregory, who also promises to show me how to bust a move! But before we head to PE, let’s take a closer look around the classroom.

Did someone forget to feed the class pet? Also, has anyone seen the claw pet?

Looks like Ms. Janine Teagues is ready for class to resume on September 21st on ABC.

ABC partnered with Scholastic to let Comic-Con attendees give back by donating to a real teacher’s wish list by scanning QR codes.

You could also write a note of gratitude and encouragement to real teachers, care of their friends at Abbott Elementary.

And for any real teachers, there was a beautiful photo wall in their honor.

The tour ended in the gymnasium, where guests can see live performances of a Step Dance Show. The back of the school bus converts into comfortable seating.

You gotta keep your energy up, so grab a healthy snack on your way out… a Twinkie.

San Diego Comic-Con is all about the SWAG and ABC didn’t disappoint, with a fun Abbott Step gym bag, a limited edition set of buttons (a different set was given away each day of Comic-Con), and a water bottle.

You can stream the full first season of Abbott Elementary on Hulu. Season 2 premieres Wednesday, September 21st, at 9/8c on ABC. Click here for more San Diego Comic-Con coverage.

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