TV Review: FX’s “Little Demon” is a Raunchy and Gory Animated Comedy for Fans of Horror and the Occult

How raunchy do you like your adult animated comedies? If the answer is an enthusiastic “Very,” then FX’s new series Little Demon is perfect for you. It’s got language, violence, cartoon nudity, and a never-ending parade of hell beasts for shock value.



Chrissy is a 13-year-old girl who learns that her absentee father is actually Satan when she spills “First blood.” Sucked into the Metaphysical Realm, Chrissy is not only pulled between her two parents in a new shared-custody arrangement, but is also expected to help her father regain control of Hell as his Antichrist. What’s a girl to do?

At its core, Little Devil is a family affair, with Danny DeVito starring as the voice of Satan and his real-life daughter Lucy DeVito voicing Chrissy (Jake DeVito serves as an Executive Producer through the family’s Jersey Films 2nd Avenue production company, and Lucy and Jake’s mother, Rhea Perlman, guest stars). The premise is so outlandish and gory,  but in addition to the shocking comedy, what keeps viewers coming back is the interesting family dynamic.

Contrasting Satan is Chrissy’s mother Laura, voiced by Aubrey Plaza, who also executive produces. Laura has spent her life trying to protect Chrissy from the truth of who her father is so when he appears, she goes into full mama bear mode. Laura is hilariously counterbalanced by her nosy neighbor Darlene, voiced by Lennon Parham, who brings a lot of comedy to scenes that otherwise become grotesque action sequences.



From the creative team behind the 2016 TBS TV movie Nightmare Time, Little Demon showcases a lot of love for the horror genre. The animation is handled by Shadow Machine, with a style that feels a lot like BoJack Horseman, another hit adult comedy they worked on. The show is primarily 2D, but it employs a fair amount of CG elements, particularly for things that would’ve been a digital effect were it a live-action series.

Little Demon shows a lot of promise, particularly through its hellish twists on a shared custody arrangement. It’s not for everyone’s tastes, with both a premise and tone that is sure to put off many viewers. But if you’re a horror film junkee, a fan of the occult, or simply like twisted comedies that leave your jaw on the floor in shock, this show is for you.

I give Little Demon 3.5 out of 5 Tequila Sunrise cocktails with a splash of Red Bull.

Little Demon premieres Thursday, August 25th, at 10/9c on FXX. New episodes will stream the next day on Hulu.

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