Comic Review – “Damage Control #1” is a Hilariously Different Look at the Marvel Universe

The Marvel Universe would be a scary place to live. Seemingly, every day a supervillain and a superhero fight right outside your home, leaving nothing but destruction in their wake. And when it’s all said and done, someone has to clean up their mess. That’s where Damage Control comes in.

“Damage Control #1″ tells a new story about the government-backed agency responsible for cleaning up the messes of superhumans. Starting a new job can be intimidating. Just imagine what it’s like to start a new job at a place like this.

Gus is looking for a new job and he’s landed an interview with Bart from Damage Control. The thing is, Gus has no idea what Damage Control even is or what he’s getting into. Bart is getting to let him know very quickly though and Gus is going to see that he’s bitten off a bit more than he can chew.

Turns out, the Department of Damage Control is a wild place, filled with all kinds of superhumans and a literal infinite amount of office space. When Gus finds himself working in the mail room, and running into a whole cast of crazy characters while on his first assignment.

As expected, things don’t go exactly according to plan and Gus quickly finds out that even the slightest slip up can have some major consequences at Damage Control. Luckily, there are plenty of people around who can help. It’s a wild first day for the new intern at the DODC.

To put things simply, this is one of the funniest Marvel Comics in recent memory. Adam Goldberg and Hans Rodionoff, creators of ABC’s The Goldbergs, wrote this new comic set in one of the funniest settings the Marvel Universe has to offer. That’s a recipe for some laughs. And then you throw in some great characters in hilarious new situations, and you’ve got hysterical comic.

This issue is as close to a situational comedy as you can get in comics. Think The Office, if Dunder Mifflin were an infinite office with superhumans walking around and potentially world-ending consequences at play. That’s essentially what we have here and the result is a great new story with some of your favorite Marvel characters.

And speaking of those characters, there is no shortage of them in this first issue. In fact, ever character seen on the cover, which can be seen above, can also be seen in this issue. On top of the original story and hilarious situations, there’s also plenty for Marvel fans to love about this comic.

And the comic doesn’t even end with this one story. A bonus story can also be found in this issue, and it sees a younger Bart getting a visit from his mom at Damage Control. As if things aren’t ridiculous enough, an infinity stone gets thrown into the mix. And you know when infinity stones are involved, Thanos isn’t too far away.

You can check out “Damage Control #1″ now.