This week’s episode of “Hamster and Gretel” is Otter Nonsense

Kevin and Hamster take a much needed Bro Day, while a curious otter takes on the city and gets away with it since he’s just so cute.

I’m Bored

Gretel has made the very amateur mistake of saying “I’m Bored” in front of her mother. As such, she has now found herself locked inside all day helping her mother with a slate of chores. Fortunately, Kevin and Hamster were able to escape the house in time so they didn’t get trapped alongside Gretel doing all the housework.

Here’s the catch about Kevin and Hamster making it out safely… they’ve never done something where it was just the pair of them. There hasn’t been a full solo outing yet. So, the opportunity for a good “Bro Day” has arisen.

A building has collapsed downtown and Hamster and Kevin are on the case. Kevin just has to get the van first. Once they get there though, they realize something is amuck and find themselves caught in a trap by The Exterminator. Hit with knockout gas, Kevin wakes up in the van with a 20 dollar bill for his inconvenience…the villain just wanted Hamster. Kevin calls Fred for assistance and sneaks back into the building to save Hamster.

After we learn about the Villain’s origin story with a robotic rat trap…he is out to get every powerful rodent out there. Even the math solving rabbit (that isn’t actually a rodent). Backed up by an army of cyborg rabbits, Hamster appears to be in trouble. Cueing this segment’s musical moment, Hamster takes them all on in a motocross stunt sphere cage before being challenged by the largest cyborg rat robot— the Pi-Rat.

While the Exterminator heads out to feast on some nachos, Kevin gets back into the building and helps Hamster out with one of his plans and gets the Pi-Rat to blast his lasers into the cables holding up the stunt cage which has now become a giant rolling ball. Perfect for Hamster, who now takes off and runs down the Exterminator (and Kevin). The ball gets airborne and crushes the Exterminator and his nachos and leads up to Kevin and Hamster realizing that today was a great “Bro Day.”

Gretel arrives on scene just in time for the conclusion, sharing that she got free only because their dad one-upped her himself and said that he too was bored. Guess who’s mowing the lawn now, Dad!

Cutie and the Beast

Hamster and Gretel are fighting another villain who has a ray that enlarges things, and thanks to a misfire, its beam reflects off of a satellite and hits somewhere in the ocean. Kevin, trying to help is mostly ignored during the battle and realizes he didn’t help much at all this time around. Today, once again, Kevin is reminded he is without super powers and now sets out to get some powers of his own.

Out in the ocean, a 40 foot tall otter has come ashore and seems pretty hungry…but also incredibly cute. While destruction ensues, everyone can’t help but watch the adorable creature tear through the beach and into the city. Hamster and Gretel call Kevin to tell him what is going on but he’s out at the metal scrap yard building an armored suit to become… ARMORED SUIT GUY. Unfortunately, he can’t move so easily, but he comes up with the idea of firing his hook and winch to tow himself to his final destination.

Gretel and Hamster are on scene and can’t fight the otter, he’s just too cute. In fact, that’s the song. “Too Cute to Clobber.” Similar to an episode of “England but with Dragons” they were watching earlier, they must get past the fact that they can’t look at his face without becoming weak (though, the episode dealt with Medusa). Loud squealing and the sounds of metal scraping mean Kevin is nearby and ready to help. Luckily the suit is so armored it can take on the Otter as he decides to play with the weird slow robot that Kevin looks like. Just like the episode of the show they were watching, Kevin rips down a tapestry while getting tossed around and wraps up the otter so nobody can see its adorable face. With that, Hamster and Gretel are able to tie up the otter and get him back to his family out in the ocean. Too bad Hamster dropped him off a little too early and he still gets to terrorize a beach one last time.

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Tony Betti
Originally from California where he studied a dying artform (hand-drawn animation), Tony has spent most of his adult life in the theme parks of Orlando. When he’s not writing for LP, he’s usually watching and studying something animated or arguing about “the good ole’ days” at the parks.