Mickey Mouse Funhouse Takes the Gang to the Magic Mansion

Disney Junior’s Trick or Treats kicks off with a themed episode of Mickey Mouse Funhouse that takes us to the Magic Mansion. The gang are in Funny as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy watch “The Great Goofini” perform a magic show. When Goofy can’t find his toy to use in his trick. Daisy enthusiastically offers her beloved rubber duckie, Ducky Doo.

With the magic word, “Alakasalad,” Goofy makes Ducky Doo disappear. However, when it is time to make the toy reappear they find out that the companion spell is in another book which is still in the mail. Funny lets them know that disappearing objects go to the Closet of Disappearing the Magic Mansion in Halloweenville.  

The gang sets off on an adventure through a pumpkin themed door where the gang appears as magicians and Funny is a magic carpet. After trying words like “Alakopen,” “Abracadabra,” and “Hocus Pocus,” Minnie realizes the magic word for the mansion to open is “please.”

Upon entering, Goofy meets his friend and fellow magician Trickini who lets everyone know that the Closet of Disappearing has a red door which will only appear when you are looking for it. In order to find it, the gang splits up with Daisy joining Goofy down the mysterious hallways looking for the red door. Along the way, you will see some Haunted Mansion inspired artwork that is a fun nod to Disney fans.

Once they find the red door and the Closet of Disappearing, Chip and Dale grab Ducky Doo for their own magic trick. Will Goofy and Daisy be able to grab Ducky Doo before the chipmunks utilize her for their own form of mischief?

No matter the outcome, the important lesson is that accidents happen. But what is important is that how you help make it better is what makes you a good friend. Even though Goofy made a mistake, he did whatever he could to try and make it better. Even entering a spooky mansion. Goofiest Show on Earth.

After a stretch break, the second installment is a non-Halloween themed adventure. Funny desperately wants to visit the amusement park “Zany Mulaney Land” that is located on the other side of Hot Dog Hills. Since he can only open doors to other worlds, the gang decide to go on a road trip. Along the way, they learn that sometimes the best part of a journey is the fun you have along the way.

You can catch more of Disney Junior’s Trick or Treat on Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and the DisneyNOW app.

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