Puppy Dog Pals Go On A Mission To Save the Pumpkin King

The latest episode of Disney Junior’s Trick or Treat is from Puppy Dog Pals. The first story of the episode, The Pumpkin King, starts with our friends playing Barko Polo. Bingo has his eyes closed and uses his puppy ears to tage his friends. After the game, it is time to head to the Harvest Festival where Bob is going to be the Pumpkin King. That means, he gets to judge the pumpkin carving contest.

However, when they arrive at the festival, the crown is missing. Since there is no crown, that means there is no pumpkin king or queen. And without the king or queen, there is no pumpkin carving contest. The pals decide they need to go on a Harvest Festival Mission and find the missing crown for Bob.

They remember that their crow friend Charlie lives at the end of the corn maze. He decorates scarecrows so they think he may be using the crown as a decoration. They head through the maze to ask but Leo quickly gets lost. While looking for him, they all get lost. They use their puppy ears to play Barko Polo and find each other. They also make their way to the other side of the maze.

When they get to Charlie, he says he doesn’t have the crown, but just a hat made out of straw. But when he was gathering the straw he saw an owl making a nest with something shiny. They head into a haunted mansion style dark ride when Leo sees something shiny. Everyone jumps out of the ride vehicle, which we do not recommend, and meet the owl. It turns out the shiny object was a pietin from the festival, but the owl says that he did see a cat with a crown at the carnival. and they jump out of the ride vehicle.

They find the cat Petra who was curled up in a comfy crown. She had set it someplace quiet in hopes of taking a nap in it later. She can’t remember what ride it was but she remembers that it was tall, went around and around, and was a wheel. The pals realize it is on the Farris Wheel, but things don’t go as planned. Will Bob be able to be crowned Pumpkin King afterall?

The second part of the episode is “The Elf Who Halloween’d.” After being told a Halloween story by Willie, they pals receive a call from Santa’s Christmas Elf Biscotti. Rolly asks if there is a Christmas cookie emergency, but there is not. Biscotti lets them know that fellow elf Chip is on the way to the Doggy Dojo. Chip has never experienced Halloween and wants to experience what it is all about before it is over. The mission is to show Chip the bestest most memorable halloween a christmas elf could have.

Chip crashes into the dojo. Upon first glance he sees the dojo and thinks Halloween would be more festive. The puppies let him know that it is because they haven’t decorated yet. Chip says he is a decorating expert so he uses his magic to decorate, but transforms the dojo into a Christmas wonderland. Chip explains that he is nervous because first time decorating without his elf buddies. Buster lets him know he doesn’t have to be nervous and that they make mistakes all the time. But Chip shares that the more nervous he gets, the crazier the magic gets. Buster, Leo, and WIllie decide to redecorate while Rolly and Bingo show Chip their favorite parts of Halloween.

Rolly dresses up as a dinosaur and explains that dressing up is a fun part of the holiday. Chip gives it a whirl and dresses up as Santa. The puppies tell him to try again, so he transforms into the David S. Pumpkins version of Santa.

Next they take him trick-or-treating. After explaining the process to Chip, the elf gets some treats from Roxy and Nuget. He asks why it is called “trick or treat” instead of “here’s your treat.” Bingo explains that Halloween is a time when you can play fun and safe tricks on your friends like sneaking up behind them or putting a pretend spider in their food dish. So Chip tries to do a trick and makes the treat basket disappear. When his trick doesn’t go over well, Chip becomes upset and becomes even more nervous. This causes the holiday magic to lose control. With the whole neighborhood experiencing wayward magic, Chip and the gang go through the town trying to set everything right. Chip is still upset, but I have a feeling everything will turn around and will result in the “Happy Booty Dance.”

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