Trailer Breakdown: The New Black Panther and Namor’s Winged Feet Headline New “Wakanda Forever” Trailer

A new trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever dropped today and, while it didn’t seem possible, the excitement for this film has hit an new high. There is a lot to take away from this trailer so let’s take a closer look at some of the most interesting shots.

The trailer opens up with what appears to be a funeral for T’Challa, which of course if going to be incredibly difficult for everyone to see because of the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman. The emotion of the this movie has poured out of the first two trailers and it seems like a safe bet there are going to be some tear-jerking moments.

Meanwhile, we are also seeing shots of Narmor seemingly being crowned as the king of Atlantis. There are some really awesome shots of Namor taking his throne here. We know he is going to serve as the primary antagonist of this film, but in the comics he does primarily serve as a hero, albeit with his own motives always taking priority.

We then see M’Baku imparting some wisdom on his fellow Wakandans. He lets them know that the Atlanteans “do not call [Namor] general or king.” Instead “they call him K’uk’ulkan, the feather serpent god.” Finally, he lets them know that “killing him will risk eternal war.”

It appears this scene will be taking place after Wakanda has already had an altercation with Namor, to the point where they are deciding whether or not they need to kill him.

This is where we also get a shot of Namor using those little wings on his feet to fly outside of the water. The character has taken some criticism over the years for the humorous design choice, but Marvel stuck to their guns here and not only included the wings, but had him use them in order to fly.

We hear Shuri say “He’s coming for the surface world,” indicating that Namor is the aggressor in this confrontation and also that Wakanda is not his only target. In the comics, Namor has had his differences with the “surface world” for pretty much his entire existence.

We also see Wakandans fighting soldiers who don’t appear to be Atlantean. My best guess would be this is a scene showing a fight early in the film that doesn't actually involve Atlantis. It’s possible Wakanda has been dealing with other potential invaders before Namor even makes himself known to them.

We do eventually see some Atlantean soldiers swimming by, likely en route to Wakanda.

We then hear Queen Ramonda essentially sum up the premise of this movie for us: “We know what you whisper. They have lost their protector. Now is our time to strike.”

Going off of my point regarding the fight with the other soldiers, this might be in reference to the world at large, rather than specifically Atlantis, as she appears to be making this statement at the UN. I would guess this is Ramonda making an effort to make Wakanda appear strong, while she knows inside that they are in fact vulnerable at the moment.

After some shots of attacks on Wakanda, we see Riri Williams working on some kind of machine. We then get a glimpse of an Iron Man-esque suit in flight before seeing Riri inside shouting in excitement.

And finally, in a chill-inducing final shot, we see a female Black Panther (likely Shuri) drop from the sky and pose in her new Panther suit. It appears Wakanda has a new protector.

Check out the full trailer below:

Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever hits theaters on November 11th. Tickets are available now.

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