Entertainment Earth Spotlight: Mini Egg Attack Series Stan Lee 3-Pack

Beast Kingdom is celebrating the comic mastermind and visionary creator Stan Lee with a three-pack Mini Egg Attack Series. While the set is currently sold out at Entertainment Earth, it’s no doubt a fun piece for Marvel collectors who want to acknowledge Lee’s legacy.

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Earlier this month, our friends at Entertainment Earth generously invited us to browse their selection of in-stock merchandise and choose some items to feature and review. Being the big Disney fans that we are, we jumped at the chance and came away with an awesome assortment of collectibles that we think will appeal to you too. Let’s take a look!

For this Entertainment Earth Spotlight we’re looking at the Stan Lee Mini Egg Attack Series from Beast Kingdom that features three (yes three) versions of the comic legend. All the figures are packaged in one large display box that has Stan Lee POW! Entertainment branding on all sides.

MEA-023 Stan Lee (Mini Egg Attack Series)

Prior to receiving this special gift from Entertainment Earth, I was not familiar with the Mini Egg Attack Series but to me it seems like they share the same collectible appeal of Funko, Hasbro and other fandom brands. These figures measure 3 inches tall and unlike Funko are almost to scale, although Stan’s head is just a tad large for his body. This is clearly a style choice as it gives the sculpt a chance to show more of his signature smiling expression.

From left to right in the packaging are “The Red Carpet,” “The King of Cameos” and “The Creator.” Each is mounted to a shaped base that’s perfect for display in or out (gasp) of the box. “The Red Carpet” has Stan dressed in a white button down, black blazer and khakis. He’s standing in front of a stand-and-repeat that reads “The Stan Lee” (stylized like The Godfather), his signature and “The King Of Cameos.” He poses with his right hand in a Spider-Man “thwip” position as if he’s about to sling a web.

“The King of Cameos” pose has Mr. Lee sitting on a throne crossing his legs and propping his cheek on his left fist. He’s grinning of course knowing that even fans get such joy from finding him in their favorite movies. This is such a popular topic among fans, that LP’s Zzzax of Life podcast drafted Stan Lee’s best MCU cameos!

Finally, there’s “The Creator.” Stan is casually dressed in a yellow button down and slacks and holds a giant quill pen in his left right hand. Below him in the base is his signature, though not his actual signature! Stan is responsible for creating or co-creating characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, the X-Men and many, many more.

This three figure set is sold-out at Entertainment Earth, but guests can find it on the Beast Kingdom website or purchase the figures individually.

Stan Lee Series MEA-023 Figure 3-Pack Set | Entertainment Earth

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