Snow Briefly Falls at the Disneyland Resort

An extremely rare sight occurred today at the Disneyland Resort… it snowed! Our own Mike Celestino happened to be at the resort this afternoon and snapped some pictures and videos of this truly rare occurrence.

As Mike walked through Downtown Disney, the sky opened up and something somewhere between snow and hail began to fall:

Walking into Disneyland, the precipitation turns from snow to rain within this minute long video:

To say Mike was enjoying the snow would be an understatement!

Just an hour or so later, typical clear blue California skies returned over Disneyland.

Disney Parks got in on the fun with this amusing tweet:

As shared by Twitter user @jeromieabrown, it was also snowing on The Walt Disney Studios lot in Burbank:

Technically, what fell at the park is apparently called “graupel.” But the definition of that form of precipitation includes several mentions of the word “snow” — so let’s just keep things simple: it snowed at Disneyland.

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