Game Review – Something Wild: Indiana Jones by Funko Games

With Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny coming to theaters soon, Funko Games has launched four new games based on the beloved film franchise. The first is a continuation of their popular “Something Wild” card game series, with a few new adjustments for Indy fans.

“A fast-paced, light card game for the whole family! Featuring a collectible Indiana Jones Pocket Pop! figure, as well as cards featuring everyone’s favorite characters from the classic Indiana Jones films. Play these Character Cards in sets and runs to score points, while Power Cards add fun new twists to the classic card gameplay.”

The first tip I can offer as far as this game is concerned would be to read the rules carefully. There’s a whole ot of “if this, then that” in this game’s instructions and if you confuse any detail, you’ll get a cascade of flaws until you go back to the page of directions. The game is a bit complex but once you get the hang of it and start actually playing it properly, it flows very easily.

This card game is not necessarily just for Indiana Jones fans. Whether that’s a positive or a negative is up to you, but once you’re playing the game, it becomes very easy to forget there is even any Indiana Jones branding on the game at all. A wide array of Funko versions of your favorite characters can be seen on the cards and of course there’s the awesome Indy figure, but those details are not in any way important to the gameplay. So if you’re worried you won’t understand the game because you’ve never seen the movies, don’t be. But go watch the movies too.

While this is a game for all ages and there’s certainly a random element to it, there’s also a lot of strategy at play here. This is a very fun game for those who like games that make them think things through. Every move you make can impact not only your next move but also your opponents’. So think carefully about which card you want to play.

Another positive for this game, as far as I’m concerned, is the easy set up and clean up. Some of my favorite games will sit in my closet forever without being played because I simply do not feel like taking the time to set them up. “Something Wild” is as easy as dealing out a few cards and placing a mini Pop! figure. There’s no clunky board or easy-to-lose accessories. Just open and play.

Overall, “Something Wild: Indiana Jones” is a fun strategy game. It may not be for everyone because there is a lot of thinking involved but it’s certainly not limited to just Indiana Jones fans. Once you get the hang of things in this game, you’re going to want to play it again and again.

“Something Wild: Indiana Jones” is available now.

Mike Mack
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