Game Review – “Indiana Jones Cryptic Game” from Funko Games

With Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny coming to theaters soon, Funko Games has launched four new games based on the beloved film franchise. The most intricate of the bunch is “Indiana Jones Cryptic Game,” a recreation of the first three films in the form of an escape room in a box.

Using Dr. Jones’ journal as your guide, you’ll decipher ancient texts, uncover valuable clues, and defeat unknown evils with logic, deduction, and creative thinking. Plus, you’ll navigate trap-filled temples and mysterious jungles by drawing your route through perilous maps. Choose wisely, and you’ll find fortune and glory in this unforgettable adventure!

As soon as you open the box, you can tell this is not your typical board game. I mean, it even tells you “this is not a normal game!” Most games don’t immediately hit you with a giant stop sign as soon as you open the box, but that’s exactly what “Cryptic” does. You’re not going to be setting up a board, choosing pieces or rolling any dice with this one.

Instead, “Cryptic” is more of an escape room in a box. If you’re not familiar with the concept of an escape room (go do one ASAP), it’s essentially an experience in which your party is put in a room and made to solve a series of puzzles or brain teasers in order to get out. “Cryptic” is very similar, as players are given one challenge after another. Some a fairly simple, but others can be quite tricky. You’re going to have to think outside the box for this game. I mean, you’re literally going to have to think about the outside of the game’s box at times.

The only downside to this game is that it is somewhat limited use. While most board games can be enjoyed again and again, once you’ve played one of the stories in “Cryptic,” you’re pretty much done with it because now you know the answers to the puzzles. There are also a couple of pieces that can be a bit difficult to use properly as things may not completely fit together easily. I’ll just say, be careful with the medallion.

While some of the others in this group of new games don’t really have a ton to do with the Indiana Jones film franchise besides some images of characters, “Cryptic” is a game fans are really going to enjoy. The game comes with three different stories – each one a practically perfect recreation of one of the Indiana Jones films. Don’t worry though, you don’t actually have to run from any boulders.

Overall, “Cryptic” is an elaborate and intricate game that is perfect for fans of the franchise. It’s certainly not your typical board game but whether you’re with a group of Indy fans or just want something you can play by yourself, this is the game for you. Just be ready to solve some very interesting puzzles and challenge yourself to think differently.

“Indiana Jones Cryptic Game” is available now.