Beast Kingdom Spotlight: D-Stage 017 Steamboat Willie Figurine

All abroad! Mickey and Minnie Mouse are setting sail and you’re invited to join the voyage! No, we’re not talking about the Disney Cruise Line, but rather a charming Steamboat Willie figurine from Beast Kingdom that showcases the iconic duo in their first Disney roles!

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One of the cool perks of being part of a Disney fan site is getting the opportunity to review incredible collectibles inspired by Disney characters. This year our friends at Beast Kingdom invited us to check out some of their Diorama Stage (DS) figures and we just couldn’t say no! We decided on three designs to showcase that we think every Disney fan will love. First up is Steamboat Willie. Let’s take a look!

We kick off our Beast Kingdom Spotlight with the D-Stage 017 Steamboat Willie that’s part of the “90 Years of Mickey Mouse, the True Original” Diorama Series. Yes, it’s been awhile since Mickey’s milestone anniversary and fortunately, you can still grow your collection with this fun figure. The collectible celebrates Mickey and Minnie’s on screen debut and features the adorable couple sailing and showing off their musical talents.

DS-017 Steamboat Willie Figurine

Mickey and Minnie are one of our favorite pop culture couples and what better way to feature the duo than on a cute collectible figurine? Measuring 6-inches tall, this D-Stage 017 design is the perfect size and will look great among other Disney collectibles or on its own. At first glance, it’s just a boat with Mickey and Minnie, but on closer inspection you’ll discover so many wonderful little details from the smokestack and life preservers to Minnie’s guitar and (my favorite) the music notes she’s playing.

The figure is attached to a solid black base that’s about 1 1/2-inches wide and features a black and white “Disney Steamboat Willie” nameplate. Above that is a grey water spray that gives the illusion of movement and atop the water is the iconic ship. The starboard and port sides (yeah I know a few things) of the boat have eight-pronged paddle wheels so the gang can sail on their merry way.

Minnie stands on the lower deck at the bow (front) serenading Mickey, and as mentioned above, is surrounded by three musical notes that look like they’re floating. I absolutely love this element of the figurine.

As for the stern (back of the ship), there’s a hook and reel pulley system, a water bucket, and a large hanging pan; while the upper deck features a smokestack expelling a large puff of black smoke. Mickey Mouse is at the helm steering the ship to its next destination and he’s even got his lips puckered to whistle his signature tune!

One of the neat things about Beast Kingdom’s D-Stage figures is that they are hand painted and assembled, and I can honestly say I’m impressed with the quality. This is my first D-Stage collectible and I love the weight, look, color and details. The painting is meticulous with no smudges or bleeding between colors, and no drip spots or areas that are too thin. The water even features a couple different shades of grey to add a little dimension.

The figure is currently in-stock at Beast Kingdom and sells for $29.99. First time buyers can shop with our code LPDS10 (see below) and save 10% on in-stock Diorama Stage items.

Beast-Kingdom USA |  DS-017-Steamboat Willie

Whether you’re looking to secure a few more pieces for your Mickey 90 collection or just want to add some Disney magic to your display case, this Steamboat Willie figurine is a great choice. I love that it honors two iconic characters while celebrating the legacy of the Disney animation in its earliest days.

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