Entertainment Earth Spotlight: “The Sword in the Stone” Madman Mim Funko Pop!

“Zim zabarim bim!” The Sword in the Stone fans rejoice, because Funko has cast a spell on their Pop! line with a Madam Mim figure that’s not as hideous as she could be, but still reminds us why we should be wary!

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UPDATE (5.5.2023): I found the stand for Madam Mim! The tiny clear disc was included in the packaging, I just didn’t see it. Now, my Madam Mim Pop! can stand on her own outside of the box.

Guess what? It’s time to check out more goodies from our friends at Entertainment Earth! Once again the online retailer generously invited us to browse their selection of in-stock merchandise and choose some items to feature and review. Being the big Disney fans that we are, we jumped at the chance and came away with an awesome assortment of collectibles that we think will appeal to you too. Let’s take a look!

The Entertainment Earth Spotlight continues with a Madam Mim Funko Pop! that features the scary, purple hairy, “huge as a house…small as a mouse” witch from The Sword in the Stone. This version of Madam Mim came on the scene with her fellow film characters in the fall of 2021. She comes packaged in the standard Funko window box that includes the mold number (1101) and film reference at the top.

Madam Mim Funko Pop!

Madam Mim is hell bent on making trouble for Merlin and his young charge Arthur! She has materialized at several different retailers, but she seems to look best at Entertainment Earth. Madam Mim is a standard size pop and looks exactly like you remember her: a mess of lavender hair, pink-tinted skin, a bright pink and purple dress, purple shoes and a single tooth on her lower jaw. What might feel a little different are her huge neon green eyes!

Like most standard Funko Pop! figures, Madam Mim is not a bobblehead however, her head can be slightly twisted. Madam Mim cannot stand on her own, but here’s a small hole on her left heel that fits on a support base to be put on display. While I initially did not see the disc, fortunately one was included in the packaging. It took me a moment to get her set up, but she fits perfectly on the stand.

Madam Mim has no special glow features or other details and I think that’s great. She’s simple and stylish and doesn’t need anything fancy to show off her villainous tendencies…but don’t let her too far out of your sight! The figure is currently in-stock on Entertainment Earth and sells for $11.99. If you shop with our code LPFAN (see below) you can save 10% on in-stock items.

The Sword in the Stone Madam Mim Pop! Vinyl Figure

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