TV Recap: “Saint X” – Episode 4 “A Disquieting Emptiness”

Emily (Alycia Debnam-Carey) is pursuing Gogo (Josh Bonzie) in present day New York, knowing that he has all the answers to what happened to her sister Alison (West Duchovny). The trouble is, will the answers be enough to put Emily at ease.

A few years later, Gogo is free from prison, and tells Sara (Bre Francis) that since no one will hire him on the island he vows to go to New York City to gain employment and earn back her trust. In New York, Gogo arrives in a big city, not knowing anyone and trying to survive. He finds a room in a communal apartment and starts a life as a taxi driver.

Years later, Gogo calls Sara. She is angry about his absence and wanting money. Sara informs Gogo that he can keep his money because she is married now. In present day New York, Gogo sits in his cab on a break, and is haunted by the sound of a distant voice, and the image of a witch from Faraway Cay trying to attack him.

Emily is deep diving into the internet about her sister’s murder and watching the trailer for the made for tv movie that chronicled Alison’s death. Sunita (Kosha Patel) catches her at the office watching some tabloid videos and tells her to avoid it at all costs. Agreeing to help, Sunita has real reservations about Emily spending time with Gogo.

On the island twenty years ago, Edwin (Jayden Elijah) arrives at Gogo’s house bearing gifts. He has his doubts, but Gogo listens as Edwin explains how much money they will get for selling drugs for the local drug dealer named One Eyed Mike. Before they leave, Edwin gets Gogo to lock up the drugs in a secured box at his house. He is hesitant, but Gogo agrees and hides the narcotics.

At Indigo Bay Resort, Oliva (Melissa Juliet Lawson) asks Alison about her possible relationship with Edwin. While she wonders who Alison will pick, the two girls’ bond over the differences between Edwin and Tyler (Caleb Lowell).

Claire (Kenlee Townshend) wonders if she and Alison can have a fun night while she babysits, but Alison informs her that she has other plans. Before her parents get mad at her, Olivia volunteers to babysit Claire. Across the dining hall, Wes (Joshuah Melnick) informs Tyler that Alison is not the only guy she is interested in.

Emily encounters Gogo on the streets, and while Sunita watches from a car, Emily tries to engage Gogo in a conversation. Trying to maintain some connection, Emily gets Gogo to walk her home and hopes to gain some information from him.

Back at her apartment, Emily, Josh (Pico Alexander) and Sunita have dinner. When Emily leaves the room Josh wants to know if everything is okay with his girlfriend. Unwilling to divulge information, Sunita explains that what is going on isn’t great, and that she will tell him if there is anything to worry about.

Alison meets Edwin at his secluded spot along the beach. The two flirt and Alison is very taken with Edwin’s charming ways. Trying to get to know him, Alison learns that Edwin’s life is routine, and nothing special. The small chat leads to a heavy make out session for the two.

Olivia endures her mother’s prying questions about if she has met any cute boys. She explains that Tyler likes Alison, and when her mother tries to put down Alison, Olivia defends her new friend.

Back in the present day, Emily has met up with Gogo at the local restaurant, and while she has tried to invite him to play cards, he refuses. Emily can’t let go and concocts a story about why she is always running into him. Probing, Emily tries to get some history about his life, and eventually convinces him to play cards.

Gogo talks about the various passengers he has had, and tells Emily that he has a son, who is 21. The next day he meets Emily again and they play cards at the restaurant. Wondering why she is always there, Emily gets defensive. Gogo explains that the situation doesn’t feel right. Emily tells some truth by explaining that she is lonely, and that she has alienated a lot of people and scared others off. Gogo leaves.

At the bar, Bill (Michael Park) talks to Gogo about the drinks but uses this opportunity to ask about Edwin. The father wants to know what kind of person Edwin is especially since he has spent a lot of time with his daughter Alison. Gogo explains that Edwin is friendly to everyone and convinces the concerned father that there is nothing to worry about.

Gogo returns to the diner the next night and apologizes to Emily for leaving on her. He tells her that he’s not used to talking about himself and offers her a ride home. Sunita is watching from outside and is shocked to see Emily get into the cab. Trying to follow but blocked by a double- parked car, Emily is all alone in the cab. The cab ride ends with Gogo showing Emily a special view of the Statue of Liberty. He explains that the water helps to calm him down and helps him to sleep, he thought it might help Emily too.

On the island, Gogo confronts Edwin about his relationship with Alison. Telling his friend that Bill Thomas is on to him, Edwin tells him not to worry. Talking about them moving to New York, Gogo tells Edwin that his life is on the island, and that he doesn’t want Gogo to go or for Edwin to leave either. Edwin teases him about loving him.

Back in present day New York City, Gogo drops Emily off at home, and walks her to the door. Josh is down the street and sees Gogo escort her to the door wondering what is going on with his girlfriend.

A flashback to Gogo talking to Sara ends the episode. He wants to know who she is married to. Learning that she married Edwin, Gogo is outraged, and punches multiple holes in the wall.   

Episode Verdict:

This is a very compelling episode that has clearly put the bullseye on Edwin. Everyone is aware of his shady ways and if Alison is murdered, Edwin is the prime suspect. So why is Gogo the only one to go to prison? Did he take the fall for Edwin? Did Edwin set him up?

One must remember that there are numerous suspects that are slowly being revealed. Olivia may be a friend, but there appears to be more to her past that could cast suspicion on her. Is Tyler jealous about Alison’s interest in Edwin?

“A Disquieting Emptiness” gets an A-. I’m still intrigued, and I want to know what happened to Alison. However, there were a lot of suspects revealed in one episode.

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