Disneyland Resort Hosting a Series of Community Events to Introduce Residents to DisneylandForward

Disneyland Resort will be hosting a series of community events to introduce residents to DisneylandForward, according to the OCRegister.

  • Disneyland Resort introduced the idea of DisneylandForward, the resort’s decades-long expansion initiative, back in 2021.
  • Now, they are trying to get more and more Anaheim residents acquainted with the initiative through a series of community coffees at city parks throughout the city.
  • Disneyland currently has eight DisneylandForward Community Coffee events scheduled between now and the middle of October:
    • May 20, Ponderosa Park, 2100 S. Haster St.
    • June 3, Walnut Grove Park, 905 S. Anaheim Blvd.
    • June 10, Boysen Park, 951 S. State College Blvd.
    • July 8, Maxwell Park, 2655 W. Orange Ave.
    • July 22, Barton Park, 800 S. Agate St.
    • Aug. 12, Juarez Park, 841 S. Sunkist St.
    • Sept. 9, Pearson Park, 400 N. Harbor Blvd.
    • Oct. 14, Ronald Reagan Park, 945 S. Weir Canyon Rd.
  • Each of these events will run from 9-11 a.m. and offer opportunities to find out more about the plans and ask questions.
  • The primary objective of DisneylandForward is to update the Anaheim city plan and zoning guidelines to allow Disney a bit more freedom in how they would be able to use their land.
  • The OCRegister reports that this flexibility would allow Disneyland to create potential new lands and attractions based on properties like Frozen, Tangled, Peter Pan, Zootopia, Toy Story and Tron.
  • Since the initiative was announced a couple of years ago, Disneyland Resort has been reaching out to Anaheim residents at various events to provide further information about the process.
  • According to Disneyland officials, the city of Anaheim is conducting a public review and hearing process for the DisneylandForward project that provides opportunities for formal public participation.