The Chatterly’s Go Grocery Shopping After A Musical In This Week’s “Kiff”

Kiff helps stage a school musical while later, her whole family ends up on a trio of misadventures at the grocery store in this week’s episode of Kiff.

The Sound of Helen

It seems that Principal Secretary got a flat tire and Helen was the only one around to help him, and brokered a deal to get the school to put on a real musical production. Shortly after it was announced, Helen posts a cast list featuring Kiff and her friends in the various roles of “Helen.”

The musical, after all, is “The Sound of Helen” and will tell her story throughout life. The kids all know the musical is strange, but if they do it and do it well, then the school will be able to put on a musical every year. The kids are all practicing and realize that not only is this musical strange, it’s also just Helen-focused with no plot or anything and is just a bad play.  To confirm their thoughts, they get another staff member to confirm – yes, it’s bad.

They tell their drama teacher, Helen, that it's awful and give their own notes which are positively received as a great form of constructive criticism. Yeah, no not really. They are greeted with arguments to all their points and a frustrated meltdown which causes her to reveal that to get this important production off the ground, she spent a fortune on thumb tacks and a four-day course to learn how to change a tire.

Yeah, so she totally wrecked the principal’s car to make this happen.

Helen storms off and the kids rewrite the script to turn “The Sound of Helen” into “My Fair Helen” via a montage that leads up to opening night.

From there, we are treated to a clip show of the musical and snippets of the songs (that might be a bit familiar to fans of musicals) as the kids tell Helen’s plight about getting her musical off the ground, with Principal Secretary as the clear antagonist with him in the audience, even as the scene/song with the thumb tacks and blown tire reveal the truth.

The musical is received with huge applause and positive reviews, including a standing ovation for the kids, and it seems that there will be a musical next year – and everyone is totally cool with the fact that Helen clearly wrecked Principal Secretary’s car.

Weekly Grocery Shop

It’s the weekly trip to the local store, Slim Pickin’s, and the Chatterly’s each have a separate goal in mind. Martin has a list to complete for the first time, since Beryl will be distracted getting 20 coupons to play with an antique claw machine for her chance at a 50 year old kazoo. Kiff, however, will be hanging out at the free sample table with Diane, getting her hands on new treats every 10 minutes. Too bad at the beginning of the episode we learned that Gordon will be taking over the sample station today, and he clearly doesn’t like kids since they aren’t paying customers.

Beryl is on her way to collecting the coupons and bumps into Helen, who is oblivious to the fact that she has a student named Kiff in her class. Meanwhile, Martin has completely lost his shopping list and is completely lost in the figurative sense in the overwhelming grocery store.

Kiff, rejected for the samples, is aghast and stumbles upon Barry and her other friends each making the same shocked noises. They work together to scheme how to get their hands on the free mini-quiches, with the first plan – getting an adult to acquire the samples – failing miserably.

Martin has found someone else to help him gather up everything he needs, with a cart full of goodies that turn out to be part of a trendy diet his new friend is on, so his efforts have now proven pointless as his family doesn’t need any of that.

Kiff and her friends need to ramp up their efforts, and decide to trick Gordon into leaving his table. Fortunately, there happens to be a statue of Slim Pickin himself, and we see the silhouette of the statue approach Gordon, telling him to go on a lunch break.

Beryl keeps running into Helen, but Helen has had enough of the small talk and tells her that if she runs into her again, she’s going to turn her into a mushroom – the thing she hates the most.

All three of their goals come together in one aisle of the store when Martin confronts the Slim Pickin’s statue thinking its an employee who can help him find what he needs while promising not to tell his family. Too bad they already heard because Kiff is under the statue camouflaged as the store tiles, and Beryl is above fishing the last coupon that accidentally fell into Helen’s cart.

Too bad she is caught and Helen is upset, casting a spell into a date that will turn whoever it hits into the thing that they hate. Gordon happens to jump in front of it as Helen chucks it across the store and it hits him, turning him into a child. Free Samples for everyone!

After all is resolved, Slim Pickin’s goes on his way with a jaunty tune that had no right being as entertaining as it was.

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