TV Recap: “Saint X” – Episode 7 “The Goat Witch and the Sinner”

Gogo (Josh Bonzie) learns that the roommate he beat up is in the hospital but has not turned him in for the assault. Emily (Alycia Debnam-Carey) wakes from a nightmare of violence, with Josh (Pico Alexander) concerned about what is going on. Josh is concerned because she has been lying in her bed for two days. Begging her to talk, Emily promises to call her therapist.

Seeking absolution, Gogo wants reconciliation from a priest, begging for forgiveness for losing his temper again.

As kids, Gogo and Edwin are exploring Faraway Cay. It is this moment that Edwin is terrified by what he thinks to be the goat witch. Gogo reassures him that everything is okay.

Edwin (Jayden Elijah) is back at work at Indigo Bay, worried that his secret will come out. Talking to Gogo, he learns his friend is mad at him for leaving early from work the previous night. Delivering drinks on the beach to Paul and Greg (Bryan Clark and Matthew Risch) before they can talk to him about the night before, they are interrupted.

In the pool Olivia (Melissa Juliet Lawson) and Alison (West Duchovny) are talking about how it is Alison’s last day. While Olivia is going to miss her new friend, Alison is fixated on the idea that she might just be another girl for Edwin.

On the beach, Edwin is worried that his secret is out. Walking the length of the sandy strip, Edwin’s imagination runs away with him seeing people talking about him, when they really aren’t. Desmond and Bery (Sule Thelwell and Terralon Walker) are trying to figure out why Edwin is in love with Sara, but they are unsure if they should tell Gogo.

While Emily talks to her therapist about what she saw and what she has been up to, a question is brought up that shakes Emily. Her doctor asks her if she is trying to suffer the same fate as Alison. At some point, according to her doctor, Emily will have to accept the fact that no answers are coming. Alison is never coming back and is it worth her safety to learn how her death happened.

Upset, Emily storms out of the therapist’s office. Unsure of what is happening, she walks into the street and is nearly hit by a truck. Across the street Gogo watches her. They have lunch at the diner, and Gogo is concerned. They talk about their own mental state, and Emily tries to dig deeper to get Gogo to trust her.

Alison tries to talk to Edwin, but he wants nothing to do with her. Hoping to do something special off the resort, Edwin is very dismissive of Alison’s inquiries. Sara (Bre Francis) starts to set up at the beach to do braids for the guests.

Walking along the shore, Alison plans with Claire (Kenlee Townshend) to get a ton of candy and stay up late to watch tv and eat the sweets. Claire gets dropped off at Sara’s stall to get her hair braid. Bery tries to talk to Gogo about Sara. He admits that since his mother died, all he ever wanted was a family. Telling her that here he is a father with a son, but Sara won’t let them be a family, and Gogo doesn’t understand why.

At the pool, Alison is met by Tyler (Caleb Lowell), who wants to apologize for his behavior from the previous night. She tells him that he’s a good guy, with a good heart.

Playing cards with Gogo, Emily tells Gogo that when she was seven her brother was murdered, and the man who did it was never convicted. (I’m pretty sure Gogo can see through this story.) They leave the restaurant together.

It’s the last night at the resort, Edwin is wondering what is up with everyone. Gogo tells his friend that he has the night off and can go out with Edwin.

Bill Thomas (Michael Park) is trying to get his family to talk about what they learned on their vacation. While Alison is teasing her dad, Mia (Betsy Brandt) joins in on the fun at her husband’s expense. The family is happy to be together, and grateful for family time. Everyone joins the dance floor for some fun. Tyler and Olivia toast their awful parents on the sidelines. They make a date for later that night. Bery meets up with Desmond and tells him he needs to tell Gogo the truth.

Worried that his secret will come out, Edwin tries to defuse the situation by making a date with Alison for later that night. Playing on her desire to do something local, Alison is intrigued.

At a club in New York, Gogo and Emily go drinking. Admitting that he worked at a resort on the island, Emily tries to get Gogo to explain why he left the island. Emily and Gogo cut loose on the dance floor.

The party is over at the resort, and Desmond tells Gogo about what he knows about Sara and Edwin. This results in Gogo beating up Desmond, and forces Edwin to run away. Olivia is on her way to meet Tyler when Alison stops her and asks if she should go out with Edwin tonight.

In the resort bathroom, Edwin is upset, and confronted by Paul. Edwin accuses him of sharing his secret. Telling Paul that he saw him whispering, Paul adamantly states that he would never out another man, especially a black man.

Sara tries to talk to Gogo about what Desmond told him. She tells him that since they first met each other, he has always seen another person and not the real Sara. She doesn’t have feelings for him, and what he feels for her is not true. Blaming Edwin for ruining their relationship, Gogo storms off.

Back in the room, Claire is ready to go for her candy and movie night when Alison comes in. Explaining that they are going to have to reschedule their date night, Claire is upset, but that doesn’t stop Alison from leaving.

Gogo confronts Edwin, but before their discussions can continue, Alison joins them. The three of them get in the car and drive away.

Josh is frantic wondering where Emily is. When Sunita (Kosha Patel) arrives they have no idea where Emily is and what to do to find her. Walking out of the club, Emily is met by Gogo and told to get in his cab.

Episode Verdict: A-

The suspense is building, a resolution is coming, and soon we are going to learn who killed Alison Thomas. It really is quite tragic, considering how Alison’s storyline plays out, and we see the effect this has had on Emily.

The scene between Edwin and Paul was incredible and it reminds audiences as to how underused the characters Paul and Greg were.

Emily needs to come clean with Gogo, so she can move on from the past.