The Easter Eggs of “The Muppets Mayhem”

The Muppets Mayhem has been out for several weeks, and eagle-eyed fans will no doubt spot the multiple Muppet related easter eggs layered throughout the season. Below is a compiled list of hidden gems that are right before your eyes for each episode of the show.

Track 1: “Can You Picture That?”

The Electric Mayhem’s contract ‘Standard Famous Rock Star Contract’ is a direct call back to the ‘Standard Rich and Famous Contract’ that Kermit signed in The Muppet Movie.

Moog played by Tahj Mowry seems to have a direct connection to Dr. Robert Moog and the synthesizer that would carry his name. Kinda mirrors Moog’s role on the show.

Nora works for Wax Town Records which is a direct play on the early days of records. In the 1890’s original records would have been made on wax cylinders.

The advance the band received is $420,000, a play on the standard rock band trope of using illicit substances.

The address of the house that the band paints is 420. Another reference to illicit substances.

While the band is repainting the house, they recreate their song ‘Can You Picture That’ from The Muppet Movie that they sing while painting the bus.

During their concert at the shack, the band can be heard playing “Jungle Boogie,” which the band played for a video to promote 2015’s The Muppets.

Zoot is his last name, which is short for Zootowski.

Track 2: “True Colors”

Dr. Teeth and Floyd are playing Pong.

Animal gives Nora a variety of presents, including the baseball diamond from The Great Muppet Caper.

When Lips answers the phone, he says ‘Mahna Mahna’ a call back to a quintessential Muppet musical number.

At the hospital a call is put out for Dr. Oznowicz. This is a tribute to legendary Muppet performer Frank Oz.

Track 3: “Exile on Main Street”

The Chateau Marmont can be seen in the opening moments of the episode.

Moog may namedrop an encounter with Prince, but the late great musician also appeared on the Muppets Tonight series.

Animal’s baby form is different from previous versions. In this one, baby Animal is much hairier than before.

After the band discovers the billboard of Animal as ‘The Chosen One’ for Teppanyaki Terrace, Zoot comments that Animal got big. This is a direct call back to The Muppet Movie when Animal became a giant to fight off Doc Hoppers goons.

Legendary actor James Hong plays Animal’s teppanyaki mentor chef.  

We learn in this episode it is Floyd who names Animal.

Zoot is shocked to learn that Blockbuster has gone out of business. He still has a copy of Bambi that he needs to return.

Track 4: “The Times They Are A-Changin’’

At the beginning of the episode the van drives by The Pizza Twins. This references when Kermit and Fozzie dressed up as the Pizza Twins in The Great Muppet Caper.

The band watches an old appearance of The Muppet Show episode that features Jean-Pierre Rampel.

When the band meets with Cheech and Chong at the beginning of the episode, they ask Zoot for a dime, and Zoot makes the dime levitate in the air towards them, Tommy Chong says ‘Thanks Dave’. This not only references their famous bit from their movies, but the Muppet performer of Zoot is also Dave Goelz.

This is not the first time that Ziggy Marley has partnered with the Muppets. He also recorded the end title theme “Love Power” for Muppet Treasure Island.

The tapes in the band’s collections show their past events, including a 1980 episode of The Muppet Show with Paul Simon, the 1990 television film The Muppets at Walt Disney World, as well as the band’s performance at the 90th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  

Track 5: “Break on Through”

When the band eats the expired marshmallows, the hallucination scene is the only time we see Lips’ eyes open.

During Lips’ hallucination scene, the Swinetrek from the “Pigs in Space” skit, appears to be flying around.

Floyd’s hallucination scene pays homage to The Lion King with Weird Al Yankovic playing the part of Mufassa.

The desert scene, which brings the hilarious expired marshmallow scene, is a callback to the desert scene in The Muppet Movie.

Track 6: “Fortunate Son”

The music store that Floyd works in in New Orleans is called Jerry’s Music. This is a direct nod to former legendary Muppet performer Jerry Nelson who was the original Floyd performer.

We learn that Dr. Teeth’s first name is Gerald.

With Dr. Teeth’s past coming from New Orleans it mirrors the real-life inspiration for the character in musician Dr. John, who was also from New Orleans.


Nora is eating Croonchy Stars, which was a real Muppet affiliated cereal in the 1980s.

Nora has a tattoo that says “One Love.” This references Bob Marley’s beloved song, but it is also the name of a song written by Muppet music legend Paul Williams.  

During the flashback, when we see the band remodel the bus, Lips appears to be wearing his maroon tuxedo from The Muppet Movie.

And there’s this fun fact as pointed out by Gene Barretta:

Track 7: “Eight Days a Week”

The amps used by the band max out at 11. This places The Electric Mayhem just ahead of Spinal Tap.

With director Peter Jackson making a cameo, the band mentions Jackson’s previous puppetry work with Meet the Feebles when they discuss having spent a night in Wellington with him and the Feebles.

The band playing on the roof is a nod to The Beatles.

Penny’s appearance at the recording sessions is a nod to Yoko Ono.

Though many of his films are referenced when he is introduced, Kevin Smith self-references Chasing Amy.

Peter Jackson mentions that he doesn’t make movies but rather trilogies. Looking at his past work, everything seems to come in three with Sir Peter.

Track 8: “Virtual Insanity”

There is a Doc Hopper's Frogs Legs in the background at the start of the show.

Floyd mentions a previous beef with another band from Riverbottom. Dr. Teeth adds that they were a nightmare. This is a nice nod to Emmet Otter and his musical group.

Fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will recognize Joe Lo Truglio as Clark the mo-cap guy at Minecraft.

Track 9: “Drift Away”

Fans of Disney Parks The Carousel of Progress will recognize the exercise machine that Penny is using in her office.

Nora calms Animal down when she plays a tape of the band playing with Elton John on The Muppet Show.

Track 10: “We Will Rock You”

The gallery where Zoot exhibits his photos is The Mallory Gallery. Another nod to The Great Muppet Caper.

Zoot’s shoe is named Jimmy, a nice nod to Muppet creator Jim Henson. When the shoe talks it sounds like Henson too.

The ship Dr. Teeth and Penny are going to depart on is the stationary Queen Mary.

Lips’ outfit looks strikingly similar to Steve Jobs’ outfit.  

The original bus from The Muppet Movie returns when the band finally looks in the garage of the shack.

Statler and Waldorf are the only other Muppets to appear in the show.

Zoot calls attention to a photo of the Muppets taking Manhattan, from The Muppets Take Manhattan.

Have I missed any? Let me know.

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