TV Recap: “How I Met Your Father” – Season 2, Episode 15 “Working Girls”

Ellen (Tien Tran) is enjoying making a sandwich when Sophie (Hilary Duff) rushes into the apartment and tells her that Goliath Market (Nice call back) is seeking a photographer to create content. The idea of being work besties appeals to both. Sophie is hoping for a good word and Ellen promises to do her best.

Sophie gets the job and celebrates at the bar. Val (Francia Raisa) is happy that Sophie will have health insurance, and Jessie (Christopher Lowell) tells her that now Sophie won’t have to get physicals at Costco. (That was funny.) Thanking Ellen for her help, Sophie offers to help her get into her improved krav maga class. (Another nice call back to HIMYM.)

On their first day of work, Ellen introduces Sophie to her special walk, and the two tear up the sidewalk in enthusiasm. (This scene is awesome. This is what the show needs to do more often.) Val is getting a reading from a psychic named Madame Deborah, and this makes Jessie wonder to Charlie (Tom Ainsley) why Val is hanging out with someone else other than the friend group. While Charlie is supportive of the psychic, Jesse has no love for the mystic arts.

Charlie and Val tease Jesse, and he agrees to see the psychic. Meanwhile, Sid (Suraj Sharma) surprises Hannah (Ashley Reyes) at work, and she is quite happy to see her husband. Telling Hannah that this wasn’t how he pictured California doctors, we see inside the mind of Sid. (This scene is gold. Suraj Sharma needs more moments like this.) Hoping to connect with his wife, Hannah tells him that she must stay for a party for a colleague.

The psychic tells Jesse that he is a doomed young man. Jesse laughs off the prediction that he is going to die tonight, but Val and Charlie are very worried. Sophie and Ellen bond at work, but quickly Sophie learns that Ellen never sent in a recommendation.

At the party Sid tries to connect with Hannah’s colleagues but fails miserably. Sophie wonders why Ellen never recommended her, and Ellen tells her that she forgot. Fortunately, Ellen and Sophie get paired on the cabbage account promotion which allows the two to work together.

Charlie and Val surprise Jesse at the apartment because they think he’s going to die. Jesse is annoyed that they are planning for his death and tells his friends that Madame Deborah’s predictions are not hard to make, including one about the spin off for High School Musical. Val and Charlie plan to give Jesse the best last night of his life.

Sid continues to embarrass himself with Hannah’s work friends and ends up hurting himself as he tries to exit the party for alcohol.

Sophie and Ellen work hard on the advertising campaign, but Sophie can’t get past the fact that Ellen didn’t recommend her for the job. Ellen admits that she didn’t send in the recommendation because she felt that Sophie couldn’t hold down a real job. As the presentation begins, there is still a lot of hostility between the two.

The two friends tear into each other during the meeting and the presentation does not go well. Sid is upset that his visit with Hannah is not going well and is jealous of the friendship she has with a colleague. Hannah tells him that she has decided to move back to New York. (This decision is bound to change, and I think the writing is on the fall for Sid and Hannah.)

Jesse’s celebration is failing spectacularly.

Sophie storms into Ellen’s meeting with her boss trying to help her friend. Ellen and Sophie support each other and her boss just wants them to leave his office and finish the cabbage campaign. The group is back at the apartment and waits as Jesse prepares for his impending doom.

The clock strikes midnight, and Jesse lives, but he worries after choking on a pretzel that Madame Deborah may have meant Pacific time. As Sophie in the future (Kim Cattrall) tells the show that the next morning the cabbage campaign went live, Sophie and Ellen are walking down the street seeing the effects of their campaign and the growth in cabbage purchases.

Episode Rating: A

This is what the show needs. Humor everywhere. Jokes are flying left right and center, and everyone gets a moment to be funny without being too serious.

I fear that Ashley Reyes’ time on the show is numbered. I just don’t see how Sid and Hannah’s relationship survives.

I really like the working friendship that started between Ellen and Sophie. Sophie needs a full-time job and Goliath Market is the perfect choice. Perhaps we will see another Neil Patrick Harris cameo?

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