TV Recap: “How I Met Your Father” – Season 2, Episode 16 “The Jersey Connection”

Sophie (Hilary Duff) comes to the bar and is excited for the end of the work week. While Sid (Suraj Sharma) comments that she’s only been working at her job for five days, Sophie explains that they have been five days in a row. Jesse (Christopher Lowell) notices some colleagues enter the bar, and wonders what’s up. Ellen (Tien Tran) and Rachel (Aby James) explain that there must be a logical explanation for the gathering without Jesse.

Jesse joins the group and before he can ask morxe than one question Drew (Josh Peck) takes him aside and tells him that they are celebrating a colleague’s birthday and that Jesse isn’t invited because everyone hates him. Unsure why they hate him, Jesse explains that he has big plans tonight and he doesn’t care about the party. (Jesse does not have big plans.)

Rachel leaves Ellen wondering what she is running off to and consults with Sid and Sophie. Wondering if Rachel is cheating on her, Sophie is too eager to agree, and it’s left up to Sid to cool the situation down. He determines that they need to have stakeout.

Charlie (Tom Ainsley) arrives at Val’s (Francia Raisa) apartment to pick her up for dinner. Val is confused and realizes that their reservation was made when they were a couple. Though she wants to avoid being together alone Val agrees to the date.

On the stakeout, Sophie, Sid, and Ellen follow Rachel into the subway. They end up getting on a train and heading to New Jersey. They watch as Rachel enters an apartment building and are baffled to see Jesse walk by on the street. Wondering what their friend is up to, Sophie agrees to follow Jesse while Sid and Ellen stay on the stakeout.

At the restaurant, Val is wondering if the intimate setting can be handled by them without them spending the night together. (The gag of the restaurant being run by a child who won a reality show called ‘Big Kid Chef’ is priceless.) Recreating the slurping noodle from Lady and the Tramp Val and Charlie can’t handle it anymore and they leave.

Sophie follows Jesse into a bar and learns that he is playing at an open mic night. Sophie is told by the bartender that she is going to need a double to listen to this guy. Jesse sings a song about being left out by his colleagues. (This song is hilarious and thank you Christopher Lowell for giving it your all.)

Following Rachel up to an apartment, Sid and Ellen are right outside the door and sneak into the apartment. They learn that Rachel is looking at an apartment. Leaving the restaurant, Charlie and Val hear the kid chef crying and try to help him. Wanting to leave, Val tells Charlie that they can’t leave a kid crying under a tablecloth. Unwilling to talk to Val, the chef says he can talk to Charlie about his problem.

Jesse gets off the stage and is shocked to see Sophie at the bar. He tells her that this open mic night is a way for him to work out his negative emotions. Jesse also says that it is better than just going to the park at night and screaming. (This was perfectly delivered by Lowell.) Sophie deduces that one of Jesse’s colleagues was at the bar, and must have heard his songs, which turned the entire staff against him.

Not sure what to do, Charlie listens to the kid and learns that the kid had invited his crush for dinner but was stood up. Helping the kid feel better, the chef leaves, and Val is certainly more attracted to Charlie.

In the apartment, Ellen and Sid learn that Rachel wants to get the new apartment so that she can have space from her girlfriend. Sid and Ellen try hard to avoid being seen but Rachel catches them easily. Wondering what she is doing, Sid and the realtor leave, and Ellen is forced to explain why she is there. Rachel explains that a buffer could be good for their relationship, and Ellen explains that she is always going to be herself and decides to give Rachel an ultimatum.

Meeting up with his colleagues, they admit that they heard his songs and Jesse apologizes. Sophie tells the group that they must roast him back to even the playing field. Everyone takes their turn making fun of Jesse.

Val and Charlie are talking at the end of the date, and she wonders if he has changed his mind about not wanting kids. He hasn’t and Val gets into her Uber.

Sid waits for Ellen outside of the apartment building. She tells him that she and Rachel broke up. Jesse’s colleagues invite him to join their party, and Sophie leaves but not before seeing one of Jesse’s colleagues flirting with him.

Episode Rating: A-

This was a crisp narrative with many funny parts, that allowed for some character exploration. It’s clear as the season starts to wrap up that emotions are running high, and that Sophie and Jesse are bound to get together.

Ellen and Rachel were bound to end. Rachel doesn’t seem right for Ellen, and that means we get to see Tien Tran have some fun single life, with hilarious hijinks.

I’m more interested to see how Charlie and Val are going to work out. Their chemistry is great, but is the relationship over? I don’t think so.


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