This week we were surprised that we could make a connection between not two, but three completely unrelated Disney posts. Now it’s obvious the Disney fandom is everywhere and very diverse, and people express their love for the company in many different ways. From creative pictures to impressive artwork, Disney fans celebrate weddings, engagements, and the parks through photos, fashion statements, and artwork. Take a look:

Disneyland Engagement:

This adorable couple got engaged right in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle and you can just feel the happiness from their pictures. However the real star here is the bride to be. Not only does Sonni look fantastic as she rocks that gorgeous ring, but then she and her fiancé took a killer picture on Space Mountain, that’s gone viral. Check it out:


Disney Maps Inspired Wedding:

Many couples choose to have a theme for their wedding. This couple decided on Disney Maps. Sounds crazy, right? It’s actually quite awesome! Disney Parks Blog talked to the Storys about their unique wedding accessories. Groom, Ben spent months designing, printing, and sewing a suit coat made to look like a Magic Kingdom park map. Bride Kylie, liked the idea so much, that she made her bouquet out of park maps and finished it off with hidden Mickeys. Here’s the Storys’ story:



Disney Attraction Maps:

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about maps, let alone designing one, or rather designing a map for something that already exists. Enter Jonah Adkins. This artist has created a map of both the Jungle Cruise and “it’s a small world” attractions found at Disney Parks. At first glance, Adkins’ designs are simple overhead views of the rides, then on closer inspection, we can see all the amazing detail to each map. Adkins has all of the names and locations of the animatronics in “it’s a small world” and all of the skipper jokes in Jungle Cruise. Check it out:

Jungle Cruise

“it’s a small world”

If you want more, be sure to check out his website where you can find all sorts of interesting maps.

What did you think of these Disney related posts from this week? Which is your favorite? Let us know!