Is a Walt Disney Audio Animatronic a Good Idea? One YouTuber Thinks So

Disney parks have always been on the cutting edge of technological developments using state of the art electronics, robotics, and more in their attractions and shows. Walt Disney himself oversaw the development of the Audio Animatronics that would be used in his parks and felt that it was important for guests to be in the presence of influential figures in history, hence Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and the Hall of Presidents. YouTube channel DSNY Newscast thinks that it’s about time another influential historical figure made an appearance at the Disney parks: Walt Disney.

While this is all just one person’s idea, Jack does make an interesting case for where, how, and why it could work. Take a look:

What do you think about this idea? Would you want Walt Disney’s presence part of another attraction, or is this a bad idea? Let us know!