Zootopia-themed Halloween Costumes

Americans have long complained about the dreaded DMV vortex that slowly sucks at time once they’ve set foot in the office. Anyone who has ever had to register a vehicle, or update their drivers license, knows just how frustrating it can be to visit this government office. Often times, folks like to blame the hard working employees and compare them to sloths, and some workers around the country are saying enough! To make their Halloween just a little bit better, DMV employees got in costume with these Sloth Vanity Plate shirts:

Other employees even went so far as to don these Zootopia-themed Halloween costumes inspired by the sloth, Flash:

Just in case you aren’t familiar with Flash, here’s a clip of the laid back sloth doing his best to help the energetic cop, Judy Hopps, run a license plate for her current investigation:

What did you think of these costumes? What are you dressing up for this Halloween? Let us know!