Grey Stuff. What is it? If you’ve visited Be Our Guest restaurant at Magic Kingdom then you might have had the good fortune to try Disney’s version. Over at the Walt Disney World the “grey stuff” has been interpreted as a dessert that has a certain “milk’s favorite cookie” taste to it which also provides the perfect color component. But is the grey stuff really supposed to be a sweet item? YouTube channel Binging with Babish seems to think otherwise.

Fast Facts:

  • Andrew Rea is a chef, filmmaker, and the brains behind the YouTube channel.
  • On his Binging show his goal is to recreate real recipes inspired by food from fictional sources.
  • In this episode he determines what each of the appetizers are on the plate that is passed in front of Belle during the song” Be Our Guest”.
  • Being that appetizers are generally a savory item served before the main course, Rea suggests that the grey stuff in question is most likely chicken liver or foie gras mousse.

“And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair, as the dining room proudly presents, your dinner plate of appetizers”:

More Binging:

What did you think of this video? Where do you side on the grey stuff debate? Let us know!