Thanos Mocks The Rock in Josh Brolin’s 10 Year Challenge Post on Instagram

Dread it. Run from it. That picture of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson wearing a turtleneck, gold chain and fanny pack from the 90s arrives all the same.

Josh Brolin got into character once again as the Mad Titan Thanos to share a 10 Year Challenge post on his Instagram. Only instead of a glimpse of a young Thanos, we got a hilariously nightmarish fusion of the Avengers: Infinity War villain and an old image of The Rock.

Brolin shared the image with the caption, “Wow. It’s been ten years. I look at myself back then and I can’t even believe it: no discipline, that hair, even the necklace. Haha. I don’t know what I was thinking. The right supplements, listening to Super Soul Sunday Podcast and following David Goggins has really thrown me onto the right path.

My head’s just in a different place now. I really like about half of the people I meet. About 50%. Yeah, about half.”

If you’re not familiar with the 10 Year Challenge, it’s very simple. You post two images of yourself, one recent and one taken 10 years ago, side by side on social media. That’s pretty much it. Are social media trends getting lazier? It doesn’t matter. Anyway, if you’re not familiar with the bizarre image of The Rock, you’re really missing out. Back in 2014, The Rock shared this hilarious image of himself from the 90s on his Instagram.

The Rock’s image has essentially become legend, earning a spot in the meme hall of fame (I really hope that’s not a real thing). It’s been used for pretty much every joke you can imagine over the past few years and now even Thanos has joined in on the fun.

The Mad Titan better be careful though. The Rock doesn’t just lounge around in fanny packs and dad jeans anymore. He might just be the one to help the Avengers lay the smack down on the Mad Titan. Captain Marvel who?

Speaking of which, Avengers: Endgame is in theaters April 26.

Mike Mack
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