There are a lot of Disney Parks around the world. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of them all, especially with them constantly changing and adding more and more attractions. Still, it’s always a bit surprising when you find out someone has never heard of one of those parks, especially when that someone is a star on a Disney Channel animated series.

Ben Schwartz, the voice of Dewey Duck on Disney Channel’s DuckTales, is known to be a fan of the Disney Parks. You don’t have to look back too far on his Instagram account to find a photo of him posing in front of the Millennium Falcon at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland.

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The great @bibbymoynihan and I got to visit @starwars : #GalaxysEdge at @disneyland A DAY BEFORE IT OPENED which is insane as I am an ENORMOUS Disneyland fan and I love Star Wars, so my heart has not stopped smiling. The fact that there is a new land in Disneyland makes my bones shake with excitement because I get to have a whole new batch of first experiences. We BUILT OUR OWN DROIDS that move and talk. We tasted every type of food because we are lunatics. Blue milk, green milk, tacos, a series of Star Wars named things which we ate with future sporks. We got to the cantina after last call, so that will be included in our next adventure. We built our own light sabers then went into every shop including Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities. We were lucky enough to get into a lengthy conversation with the man himself. The Smuggler's Run ride is unbelievable. You operate the freakin' Millennium Falcon with 5 friends. 2 pilots, 2 gunners, 2 engineers. It's just magic. We had a perfect crew made of all stars including DISNEYLAND LEGEND TONY BAXTER. The whole day was perfect & shared w/ the best @bibbymoynihan @jetsterl @wonder_woman_mary @shipleyland TONY BAXTER & more. I realize how lucky we were to do this & don't take it for granted. Thank you @Disney. So much. #GalaxysEdge is open RIGHT NOW & starting 6/24, no reservations are required.

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So it came as a bit of a surprise when Schwartz shared his bewilderment at the prospect of Tokyo DisneySea on Twitter.

NBA star Robin Lopez took to his Twitter account to rank all of the Disney Parks, a ranking that obviously included DisneySea near the top of the list. Schwartz responded to the tweet with an interesting question.

Rather than explaining to Schwartz what DisneySea was, Lopez simply told him to go check it out for himself, which only led to more hilarious confusion.

Lopez continued to feed into Schwartz’s confusion, sending him another picture. The comedic actor then went to the internet equivalent of losing his mind: pressing ‘Caps Lock’ button. His next response painted a beautifully hilarious image of him screaming the words “Disney Sea” at people on the street.

Lopez offered to meet Schwartz at the airport with tickets to Tokyo, after he got out of jail for screaming at random people on the street of course. Schwartz replied that he had run into some bigger problems.

No word yet on if/when Schwartz will get to Tokyo DisneySea. Or whether or not he’s been released from airport security yet for that matter. Disney may want to get to work on finding a new Dewey Duck. This one may be on a no fly list.