Tony Stark has never exactly been a private guy. I mean, he practically puts his whole life out there to see and was never much one for the whole secret identity thing. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he wants his personal phone number out there for everyone to see. Well, thanks to Thor, that’s exactly what happened.

In Donny Cate’s “Thor #7,” the God of Thunder plays a little prank on Iron Man by writing the message “Call Tony Stark,” along with the superhero’s phone number on Mjolnir and sending it down to Broxton, Oklahoma. A local mechanic sees it crash down and doesn’t hesitate to give the Avenger a ring.

You might see that in today’s newest “Thor” issue and think it’s just a joke for the comic, but it’s so much more. You can actually call the number Thor wrote on Mjolnir! If you dial 212-970-4133, you’ll get a voicemail response from Tony Stark himself expressing his disdain for the “big, blonde jerk” and explaining that he no longer uses the number.

Tony wasn’t very happy about Thor’s joke in the comic either.

It was a nice touch by Marvel and Cates to turn this new comic into a bit of a mini interactive experience. I mean, how cool is it that we all now have Tony Stark’s personal phone number? Even if it is one that he’s no longer using.

Aside from the phone number gag, “Thor #7” is a great new comic that fans of the character are going to want to pick up. Let’s just say, this isn’t all that happens with Mjolnir in this issue. Some big changes seem to be on the way for Thor.

“Thor #7” is available now. You can pick it up at your local comic shop or digitally here.