Recently the season ended for the absolutely superb second year of American Crime, the ABC anthology series created by the Oscar-winning writer of 12 Years A Slave fame, John Ridley. The show has not been a ratings masterpiece for the network, but for some reason, critics and avid viewers don’t stress about it because they are receiving quality content every single episode.

The season 2 ending was a powerful, moving, thought-provoking and stressful piece of television that didn’t answer all of our questions, and that is okay. This season followed a rape scandal at a private school. From there, many ideas and issues arose from it (race, class and sexuality were all at the forefront). While it sounds dark (it is), it is done with such beauty and intricacies that you care for these characters profusely.

First off, if you didn’t watch this season, it’s available in full on Hulu and I urge you to watch and obsess over the beautiful direction, stunning performances and necessary story.

Secondly, going back to this show’s ratings, they aren’t the best. However, they positioned this show as a gap program, or a show that fills the space between a show’s fall and spring runs (in this case, it was for Nashville). I think if they go into it knowing that they will use this solely for gap programming, then a S3 pickup will hopefully come soon.

I’m all for The Muppets getting a second season (even though The Real O’Neals is already better within three episodes) and Nashville getting a fifth (though I believe it’s time to end it right and let Connie Britton win a dang Emmy somewhere else), American Crime yearns for a third.

What they gave us this year was not only the best single season of television I have ever watched, but it is the best thing ABC has ever aired. Smart, timely, important. American Crime will be picking up an oodle of Emmy nominations (and most likely wins) this year, so hopefully that is enough to keep it on the air. ABC, do the right thing.