Hasbro Pulse held a special Fan First Monday live stream today to reveal some brand new Marvel Legends Series figures, including a new Fantastic Four wave in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Marvel’s first family.

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  • Today’s Fan First live stream revealed the complete Fantastic Four wave, which feature seven figures in their classic comic book looks.
  • The wave of course includes the Fantastic Four themselves as well as three classic villains.
  • Select figures will be available for pre-order at Hasbro Pulse, Entertainment Earth and shopDisney

Doctor Doom


High Evolutionary

The Thing

Mr. Fantastic

Human Torch

Invisible Woman

  • The team also introduced a couple of Hasbro Pulse exclusive Fantastic Four figures.

Invisible Woman (Clear)

Human Torch (Powered Down)

  • And finally, the team stepped into the House of X to take a look at a new three-pack of X-Force figures. The new trio features Cannonball, Domino and Rictor.

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