Tsum Tsum Life: Cupcake Wars

Last weekend, Disney Tsum Tsum introduced a delicious game event. To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Tsum Tsum, players make cupcakes when playing games with “Cake Hearts.” There are nine cupcakes in all, so you better get to cookin’!


A new concept in this event is “Chance Time,” during which cake hearts are more likely to appear. The chance times are 7-8 AM, 6-7 PM and 10-11 PM PDT. In other words, when you should be getting ready for work, making dinner, or going to bed. Chance time, everybody! As before, the capsules in the game don’t always contain items you’re trying to get. Sometimes you get hearts, coins or skill tickets instead.




Three new Tsum Tsum princesses were added to the game recently, Snow White, Aurora and Wedding Rapunzel. Capsules typically require three strikes to pop them, but playing with any of these three pops the capsule in just one. If you don’t already have one of the new princesses, it behooves you to get one.


Completing each cupcake gets you prizes along the way leading up to a grand prize for completing all nine, a sparkly silver 2nd Anniversary pin*

*Pins are not real, in game only. Not eligible for in-park trading.


Prizes for completing the individual cupcakes are 10 hearts for Pluto, 5 rubies for Chip & Dale, a premium box ticket for Sulley, a skill ticket for Donald, 15,000 coins for Cheshire Cat, a skill ticket for Pooh, a Marie Tsum Tsum for Marie, a skill ticket for Minnie, and the pin for Mickey. I may or may not be still working on that last one…


Monsters, Inc.

Last week Disney Store released a set of Tsum Tsums based on the Pixar classic Monsters, Inc. Six of these plushies were released to stores, including Boo in her monster costume, Mike, Sully, Randal, Roz and… orange guy… with a Monsters, Inc. hat… Who is that guy??? (his name is Fungus…)


For the first time ever, there are two Tsum Tsums in the collection that are an online exclusive. Boo in her nightgown and Celia were only available on disneystore.com and sold out pretty quickly as a result.


But the real star of the whole collection is definitely Boo in her costume. She’s so squishy, the antenna eyes are amazeballs, and she’s made of winter coat stuff! Suh cew!

Alex Reif
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