Deleted Song from 2007’s “Enchanted” Leaked 17 Years Following the Film’s Release

A long missing deleted song from the 2007 film Enchanted has finally seen the light of day thanks to a fan’s reconstruction.

What’s Happening:

  • Enchanted was originally to have featured an introductory song sung by Idina Menzel as Nancy and James Marsden as Prince Edward.
  • As with all other songs in Enchanted, the music is by Alan Menken with lyrics by Stephen Schwartz.
  • With the deletion of this song, Broadway star and future voice of Elsa, Menzel would no longer have any singing moments in the film.
  • Disney Ashman Demos on YouTube shared a rough reconstruction of the scene featuring both the intro sung by Idina Menzel and James Marsden and a 2006 demo by composer Alan Menken.

  • Kevin Lima, the director of Enchanted, shared on his personal Instagram account about the song being leaked.

  • In an interview Menzel said that, "Nancy wasn't written with any songs, honestly. Patrick's character and my character are the New York people, and we don't sing. It was never written that way, and I actually was really flattered to be hired as an actress."
  • Songwriter Alan Menken further explained, "Stephen was really pushing for concluding the film with a song sequence and something new, not just a little reprise moment. And we wrote a title song called 'Enchanted,' where Edward and Nancy first connect, and then it opens up into a montage. Really, on practical terms, it was just really extremely difficult that late in the game to deliver that kind of song."
  • Reportedly, there were plans to include the song on the film’s DVD release, but it has never been officially released.
  • Menzel would finally get to sing in the film’s 2022 sequel, Disenchanted.
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Luke Manning
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