Teaser Released for New Season of “Doctor Who,” Premiering May 2024

Following the debut of “The Church on Ruby Road,” a new teaser for the upcoming season of Doctor Who was released. Let’s break down what was showcased in the teaser for the new season, which will premiere in May 2024.

The teaser begins as the Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) takes the TARDIS “into the Vortex,” while telling Ruby (Millie Gibson) that he has the whole universe at his fingertips. We see some clips of the Doctor and Ruby in the TARDIS, and then in the episode set in the Regency era of England, which is set to star Jonathan Groff and Indira Varma.

Next, we see the Doctor and Ruby in their 1960s-inspired outfits, for an episode that will take them to the famous Abbey Road Studios. It looks like they even get to meet The Beatles! We also get a look at Jinkx Monsoon’s villainous character – said to be “the Doctor’s most powerful enemy yet” – as well as a mysterious figure in the distance.

Ruby asks the Doctor if he’s getting scared, as he’s “just babbling now,” while we get a glimpse of some grotesque slug-like creatures. We get quick glimpses at a few more clips, including the Doctor riding on a motorbike with Mel (Bonnie Langford), Jonathan Groff’s character pointing a rather out-of-time-period gun at the Doctor, and a couple more shots of Ruby.

We get confirmation that Rose Noble (Yasmin Finney) is returning, as the Doctor is seen hugging her in UNIT headquarters. The trailer ends as the Doctor says to Ruby that he’d love it if she came with him, as the two hug towards the camera.

Interestingly, this teaser is labeled as “Season 1 Teaser,” confirming that the upcoming 14th season since the show returned in 2005 will be referred to as Season 1. This “soft reboot” is likely to make things easier for new viewers coming into the show through Disney+.

Doctor Who returns for a full season of adventures in May 2024 on Disney+.

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