Dinosaurs, Abbey Road and a Desolated London – Breaking Down the New “Doctor Who” Trailer

A whole new era of Doctor Who is about to kick off with the debut of Ncuti Gatwa’s first full season as the Doctor, the first to air on Disney+. A new trailer was released on Friday, and it gave a lot of looks toward the excitement that awaits when the new season debuts on May 10th. Let’s take a look at some of the fun new details revealed by the trailer.

The TARDIS appears, spinning out of control as it lands in U.N.I.T. HQ, as the Doctor steps out exclaiming “give me the loving!”

An introduction to the Doctor and the basic mechanics of the show are showcased through a few clips from the Christmas special, “The Church on Ruby Road,” as he explains who he is to his new companion, Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson).

The Doctor is being scanned onboard a spaceship of some sort, and images of his former self (David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor) surround him.

The TARDIS can go anywhere in time and space, and that’s proven to the extreme by showcasing prehistoric dinosaurs in one of the most impressive VFX shots in the show’s history (thank you Disney+ for the extra budget!).

Ruby asks “what if I change history by stepping on a butterfly?” and then does just that, reappearing in an alien form a second later, asking the Doctor “what’s wrong?”

Speaking of transformations, we get a look at Indira Varma as the Duchess, alongside a couple of other characters, transforming from human into a bird-like creature in the episode set in the English Regency era.

We get a new look at Jinkx Monsoon’s mysterious, musical character, looking villainous with attacking musical notes surrounding her. As we hear Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) say that things seem to be turning more supernatural, we get a look at a creature protruding out of a drum, in the episode set in the 1960s.

The mysterious cloaked figure from “The Church on Ruby Road” reappears in the trailer in an unseen shot.

Onboard a spaceship, a creature approaches and Ruby asks if “it’s a monster” to which the Doctor replies, “there’s no such thing as monsters. Only creatures you haven’t met yet.”

The Doctor is seen screaming in pain from inside the TARDIS as it floats in space.

The Doctor and Ruby, in their costumes from the 1960s episode, are shown in a desolated London – a possible outcome of what may happen if Jinkx Monsoon’s character gets her way.

As the Doctor promises Ruby’s mother Carla (Michelle Greenidge) that he’ll keep Ruby safe, Ruby is shown surrounded by the ominous musical notes created by Jinkx Monsoon’s character.

Various shots of Ruby appear as she says “it’s taken me all this time to realize what I’m here to do. I’m here to save the world!”

More shots from the 1960s-set episode appear, which is heavily rumored to have a musical influence, and that seems even more likely with these shots of a crowd of dancers surrounding the Doctor at Abbey Road.

Before the Doctor winks to the camera ending the trailer, we get a beautiful shot of the TARDIS on a clifftop, covered at the bottom by moss and weeds.

The two episode season premiere of Doctor Who will arrive Friday, May 10th on Disney+.

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